Gothic 3: Tips And Tactics

Distributions – extremely interesting innovation of developers in a series. Their feature is that all items from the list of weapons will fall out in the described chests strictly on the list. No matter where and what chest will be opened. The principle of such that as soon as we open the first chest from the list, immediately get the first subject. We open by say the 33rd chest – we get subject number 33. Etc. That is, chests can be opened in any order.

To get the sword “Innos Rage”, you need to open all the chests.

List of weapons

1. Assassin knife (which is small).
2. Onion Assasina.
3. Bone leek.
4. Rapier.
5. Crossbow killer.
6. Assassin knife (which is big).
7. Composite leek.
8. Crossbow “Slave Death”.
9. Mercenary crossbow.
10. Bone shield.
11. Battle Luc.
12. Arbelt “Bloody Death”.
13. Served ax.
fourteen. Sword (who should be rolled).
15. Sword of paladin.
16. Ruby blade.
17. Onion “Ripper wolves”.
eighteen. Custom Sword.
19. Tescil.
twenty. Ice blade.
21. Oak leek.
22. Dirk.
23. Arbalt Nordmarsse.
24. Matter.
25. Army Luk.
26. Ore two-handed sword.
27. Rune Shield.
28. Horny leek.
29. Drawing of the sword “Rune Sword”.
thirty. Rhinos killer.
31. Inquisitor.
32. El Bastardo.
33. Sword Palach.
34. Onions Nimrod.
35. Great Sword.
36. Sword Masters.
37. Battle ax Varvara.
38. Heavy Arbalet.
39. Drawing of the Sword of Ancestors.
40. Rune Luc.
41. Great Inquisitor.
42. Battle Arbalet
43. Drawing of the sword “Power of ancestors”.
44. Onions of the Demon (with turtles).
45. Topor Berrkerker.
46. Krash Morra (the most powerful crossbow).
47. Berrisker’s rage (Toporic such, the whole openwork and in Ryushchka).
48. Rage Innoa.

List of chests

Mirtana (only 24 chest)

* From the Western exit from Ardia to the right. Next to the destroyed house with three gangsters and a cable.
* Near the second entrance to the distance. Near the crawl lives.
* On the beacon Cap Dun immediately to the left of the entrance.
* Cave under the Cap Danube. Guards dragons.
* In a cave with three mracris, along the way to Montera.
* In a cave with undead near the rebels who sit above the temple of the TELLIS.
* In the cave of rippers under the farm near the TELLISA, where Rustro is located.
* In the house of Assassina Habia in Trelis.
* In the cave of the flag next to the Trelis (Quest of Torus).
* In the cave with the crawls along the way to Varanta (a little no reaching the Paladin Kurt).
* In warehouse near the northern gate of Helderna.
* Next to Helder, on Mount, in ruins, near the dragon.
* About three trolls, on the banks of the river along the way to the ruins, where the quest Scepter is lying (Quest gives Orc Nymrot in Gelderna).
* West from the ruins with a scepter of the nymph. Protected by one black and pair of ordinary trolls.
* In the Chief Come Room Roland.
* Next to the distress of Quest Mracrisami, not far from Okara (Kandela Hunter Quest, who must be sent to Okrata).
* Near the big white tree, where a small herd of Glherkhov grazes (on the way to Wheat’s thieves).
* In the cave, behind the wheat thieves.
* In the courtyard goths, in the building with a thr1.
* Ali Chest in Faringe.
* Near the three types of roads in Nordar (the most oriental pass, above the Vangard).
* In Wangard, not far from the temple, in the house of the first commander of the orc.
* On the balcony of the Robara Palace (in Wangard).
* In Orc camp near the dome (Vengard), in one of the tents.

Nordar (only 10 chests)

* In the house of the Blacksmith Pethar.
* In the tomb of Einar.
* In the house of Larson’s blacksmith in the wolf clan.
* In the house of the Blacksmith Ingvara in the clan of the hammer.
* In the house of the head of the clan of the Molota.
* In the house of Kalam’s blacksmith in the flag of fire (2 chest).
* In the tomb of angira.
* In the orc camp between the clan of the fire and the tomb of angira.
* In the tomb Akash9.

Varanta (only 14 chests)

* In the right house of Julio merchant in Ben Sala (where he sleeps). At the walls opposite the entrance.
* On the big island opposite the grocery in the thickets.
* Guarded by the patrol of the orcs on the coast, northeastern bakabare.
* Next to the Al-Sedim temple in the ruins of the quarter of scientists, is guarded by three ridges.
* Not far from the previous one, on the elevation of small ruins, four ribbons and chest.
* In the Al-Sedim Temple, inside.
* The head of Mora Sul Gonzales next to Beliar statue (the one next to the statue).
* From Mora Sul to West and a bit south, in the mountains, a cave with a mracris and a chest.
* Inside the temple of Mora Sul (it seems the very first chest, immediately how starting to descend into the temple).
* Not far from Ishstara Small ruins with three limits.
* From the assassin of the cafe (west of the web) rise a little higher. There is a cave with jackals, a leader of flocks and a chest.
* From Yashstara in the north-west in the mountains there will be a large mountain valley and at the end of her cave. Along the western mountains go not very close. There we will be waiting for 5-6 flavored creatures, approximately 10 lions and chest. There we will go beyond the skins of the pendant creatures, if we take the exam in Istara.
* In the palace of the dental, in the longest room.
* In Istara, in the underground tonel who goes from the palace and goes into the city. It’s easier to look for from the city entrance to the tonnel, and not the one that is from the palace. How to go down, in the first room there will be a pair of chests. One of them is our!

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