Gothic 3: Tips And Tactics

Getting gold

* The most profitable and profitable way is the murder of hunters and separate NPS. Hunters have their own camps worldwide. We are usually expensive weapons. After the GG beat them and takes the weapons and other goods from their inventory, they are not offended and continue to trade with GG. If the name of the NPS is painted after beating into an orange color – skip “forgetfulness” (amnesia). And the inventory from the NPS will again be updated as soon as you go away from it.
It is very profitable to kill “caretakers”, Drife’s guards near Gelderna. If so far do not cope with “caretakers” – cast on any of them the “bloodthity”. (Stand away). And after one “caretaker” will beat the other – just collect all the weapons and dislike the defeated. Moreover, the crack can be caught immediately on several “caretakers”, to lose the process of enrichment.

* At the very beginning of the game there are several ways to enrich and purchase exp. The first is to kill the robbers around the Mayak Jack. Take the quest for murder at Jack. Rear to the boulder, which is located near the robbers, and simply pick the enemy from the bow. Just need to be attentive. One of the robbers has a crossbow. Need to kill it first. You can choose a position so that its bolts fall into a st1. (Descend slightly below, on the back of the shooting)

* The second way is more profitable, but you need to stock up archers. From Ardea Go down to the shore and run to the north. We’ll have to swim a little to get a little cape. From the left side will see the cave. In which sooooo a lot of goblins, meat beetles and snakes. At the very end of the cave are cannibals. You can kill them arrows. If you don’t get close – they are standing at the table and wait when they are killed.

* A lot of gold can be earned making one-hour (side) swords. They are sold for 4800 gold. Made from 10 ore and 1 steel blank. First games you need to learn the skill mine and cast a couple of mines. Recipe for one-hour sword truth costs 12000.

Stones teleport

Mirtana (Myrtana)

Teleport Ardea (Ardea):
1. Lies on the ORK table
2. On the roof of Jack’s hut

Teleport Pharing (Faring):
At the end of the cave.

Teleport Guildern:
1. At the assassin merchant Mirzo.
2. From the southern gates in the direction of the forest camp, on the stone, near the chest, close to the city gate.

Teleport in Gotha:
1. In the chest in the house of Potros.
2. Lies below the castle of goths, in the house on the right, on the table.

Teleport Cap Dun (KAP DUN):
Lies in the urkrass warehouse.

Teleport to the throne hall of King Robara:
In Vengard at the magician fire.

Tele port to Innosschrein Im Kloster:
Below, in the library in one of the metal suts.

Teleport Montera (Montera):
In the hut opposite Sanford.

Teleport Nemora (Nemora):
1. In the chest, which is located to the right of the eastern entrance to Nemorrow.
2. Maga Fire Treslott.

Teleport Okar (Okara):
1 Paladin Roland in Inventory.
2 Lies opposite the entrance on the st1. (Teleport Okor).

Teleport RedDock:
This stone can be found executing a quest. He lies in the box near Goblin.

Teleport Silden:
1. Orca-Shman in inventory.
2. Runes lying in front of one of the vertical stone blocks near the circle of stones.

1. Asasina Khabir in Trelis.
2. In the chest for Beliarschrein, which costs near southern exit.

Teleport to the temple of Vengard (Vengard):
In the gote in a cave when castle.

Teleport Zubens Palast:
In Zubens, bedroom, near the bed.

Varant (Varant)

Teleport Lago (Lago):
In the ruins of the house, next to the arena.

Teleport Mora Sul (Mora Sul):
1. In Inventory, Asasin Ilja.
2. Lies on the table, not far from the Arena, in the aisle to the exit from the city.

Teleport Bakaresh:
1. Lies on a well next to Silvio in the southern end of the city.
2. In the sigmor’s chest name in the cave, the entrance to which is in the passage between the Temple of Beliar and the Rock in the West. On the map – the cave is located exactly under the marker Ben Sala.
3. In the Beliar temple (75 reputation to enter) in a small room on the right

Teleport Ishtar (ISHTAR):
1. To the left of the entrance, on a small wooden table.
2. Inventory at Delazar (Delazar)

Teleport to Beliartempel in Bakaresh:
In the building of the temple, in the Chamber of Treasure.

Teleport Ben Erai (Ben Era9):
On the barrel to the left of the lifting.

Teleport Ben Salay:
1. Asasina Jose in Bene Sale
2. Doreg

Teleport Brago (BRAGA):
In inventory merchant.

Nordmar (Nordmar)

Teleport to the monastery (Monastery):
Down in the library of the monastery, behind the stairs in the chest.

Teleport Clan Wolf (WolfSCLAN):
1. In the chest in the warehouse.
2. Von rune. (Previously need to agree)

Teleport Xardas Turm:
On the table in the tower.

Teleport clan fire (Fire Clan):
In the hid hid.

Teleport to the hammer clailer (Hammer Clan):
On the table at the Blacksmith Ingvar in the hut.

List of 12 fiery cups.

2. Montera: From one of ORKSOLDNER we get a quest for the exchange of slaves. One of the slaves (Bengerd) in the temple gives a fiery bowl.
3. PASS NACH VARANT: in inventory Kurta.
4. TRELIS: Paladin Konrad.
5. Geldern: Bowl is located in a min in the slaves.
6. Mora Sul: Masil Merchant gives the cup for the execution of the quest.
7. Mora Sul II: You need to go with the Paladin Cruz to kill monsters. In one of them there will be a bowl.
8. Nordmar Monastery of Fire Mages: Milten
9. Vengard: Palaina.
10. Silden: in the house of a slave caretaker
11. Fiery magician in Nemora: for the execution of the quest
12. Fire Magician in the cave south-west of MONTERA

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