Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Tip (Make Money Fast)

I want to tell you about quick and easy money making in GTA 5 without cheats, without bugs and without Lester’s missions using the exchange.
The more we have on our pockets, the faster the enrichment process will go. Personally, I started after completing the plot with the amount of 40,000,000 and in 15-20 minutes I raised it to 1,500,000,000. But you can earn with small amounts.
So let’s start in order:

1. Go to the LCN exchange


2. Choosing a company with positive dynamics (green arrow up), I usually choose with the most expensive stocks so that I have to click less.


3. We buy shares for about half of your cash, those. if you have 100,000 on your pocket – we buy for about 50,000


4. We immediately sell all shares, do not sleep, do not wait, do not persist. Bought, sold immediately. We get not a bad arrived, we repeat.
At first, the income will not be very large, but the increase in profits will grow exponentially.


This is very important: Do not buy shares with all your money at once, otherwise there will be no profit. If you overexposed the plus sign when buying shares and gained more shares than needed, or you accidentally accumulated the full amount, buy and sell the shares. The profit will be 0. But under no circumstances do not press the minus button, it is better to press cancel immediately, otherwise there will be losses.

Who got the company messed up, use the table


I learned this method on the Internet, I don’t remember the author, I’m sorry. All good, I hope someone will help.

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