Grand Theft Auto (GTA IV) 4: Some Helpful Hints

Easy money

Essentially, who is Niko Bellic? This is “our” man, who, in addition to the brain, like all ordinary Americans, also has ingenuity on board. Therefore, it was easy for him to survive in Liberty City..

Especially financially.

So. To get to take away money from the population, we go to the nearest vending machine. Then we make such a traffic jam that has not yet been in GTA 4 (hey, gay!) And so that an ambulance cannot break through to the area where the machine gun is located.

We are waiting for someone to come to the machine to withdraw money from it. We kill him (I say “him” because I have no doubt – you are a true gentleman and will bang “her” only as a last resort). Pick up the money that will fall out of the victim.

After that, go around the corner and return – the money will appear again.

This can be done indefinitely, or if Napoleon died in you, shoot as many people as possible at the machine gun, then it will turn out to take more money at a time.

Get the Statue of Happiness T-shirt

On the second level, enter the door that won’t open. You just need to step into it. The game will freeze for a few seconds. After that you will go out happy and in the T-shirt of the Statue of Happiness.

Engine repair

If you are a lousy driver and your engine has caught a wedge (such miracles are possible in GTA 4), then just dial any numbers on your phone and the engine will rumble again to take your broken car to its destination..

Save 5 bucks

Don’t want to give money for a toll road? Use official transport (fire, ambulance, or police vehicle). It is not necessary to use sirens, the attendant will raise the barrier anyway.

You can also use any motorcycle – there is enough space on the right to slip through without paying and not drawing the attention of the police.


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