Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA): Advice (How to install mods) {Cleo}

So let’s look at how to insert mods into the game. Today we’ll look at how to insert a CLEO script into the game..

Option 1 (when there is a * .cs file)
Step 1 Install the Library CLEO 3 and no less !!! (this is due to the fact that scripts of the latest technology are now being released.) Next, drop everything from the archive into the root folder of the game.

Step 2 Start the game and check if there are crashes after loading. If there are, then it is not necessary to reinstall the game, just delete the files that were thrown from the archive and find other library files instead (for example Library CLEO 2) If it crashes again, then your the game does not support CLEO. If everything is successful then go to step 3.

Step 3: Download the CLEO script. (For example from PG) Throw the script into the CLEO folder. Now start the game and check if the game crashes after loading? If so, just the script is buggy. The game does not need to be reinstalled, but simply delete this script from the CLEO folder .All we installed the script admire!

Option 2 (when there is a script text and do not know where to shove it)
Step 1. Download the latest version of Sanny Builder from the developer site

Step 2. Install the program and run it. Create a new document (Ctrl + N), paste the script text, press F6. It will ask you to specify the name of the file and the directory for saving (it is better to choose your CLEO directory). If the compilation was successful, then a * .cs file and the * .txt file of the same name with the script source text will appear in this specified folder. Then go to step 2 of the first installation option. If an error pops up, you can try to fix the error yourself by clicking on the “Help” button (in the latest versions of Sanny Builder). A help window will pop up, which will describe the error and possible options for fixing it)

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