GTA San Andreas: Tips and Tricks

GTA San Andreas Tips and Tricks.

In this article, which will be regularly updated, we will tell you about all the hidden missions and opportunities in the game, we will give tips on how to make money, how to rob apartments, how to play billiards and much more..

Stealth effect.

In the game, you can kill opponents very quietly and quickly. For example, a sentry. To do this, take a knife and sneak up on the enemy from behind. When you get close enough, press and hold the right mouse button, when a marker of his health appears above the enemy, press the left button. CJ will gently slit the enemy’s throat.

Dancing by car.

In one of Sweet’s missions, you need to take a wheelbarrow that can bounce on springs and go to a competition at the station. Many fail to complete this mission. I advise you to change the keys that control the bounces in the control settings. By default, these are the keys on the additional keyboard: Extra. 2, Add. 4, Add. 6, Add. 8, they are rather unusual and difficult to adapt to them. Put the jump controls on the standard cursor control keys (those with arrows), and continuously follow the circle in the middle of the screen, as soon as the arrow enters the circle, press the similar arrow on the keyboard. It’s very simple. When you complete this mission, you can participate in these competitions whenever you want. Enter the red marker next to this place (near the train station in Los Santos) by a man and the competition will begin! Many do not manage to score the required number of points here are some tips on this matter: Mod your car, the more solid it looks, the more points it will give. Press the jump control keys just after the arrow hits the circle. You can not look at the circle at all, but only look at the arrows, listening to the rhythm of the music and pressing into the rhythm. Well, and a completely radical way: using the ArtMoney program, increase the number of your points to 3000, wait until the end of the competition and the mission is completed!

Stealing things from the houses of townspeople.

To start this mission, first wait for the evening (20:00), then find a special dark van, it stands in the Ganton area near the blue stone houses, opposite the gym (see screenshot). In San Fierro, a truck is parked near a driving school in the courtyard of a business. In Las Venturas, it can be found in the Pilgrim area, which is to the west, the car is parked in an alley next to a road junction. After confirming participation in the mission, carefully look at the houses of the townspeople, when you see a yellow arrow near the house, enter this house. If there are people in the house and they saw you, what can I say – RUN! If you do not have time to jump out of the house in a few seconds, then you will be given a wanted level of 3 stars. If you enter the house and the owner is asleep, then do not make noise. To do this, keep the key pressed while walking around the house. On the right of the screen, the noise level, as soon as it is full, the owner of the house will call the police. Approach valuable equipment (TV, stereo system, etc.) and press “F”, CJ will pick up the object. Take it to the van and return for the next item. Once the van is full or the night is over, take your belongings to the garage to dispose of the stolen goods..

Slot machines.

There are many slot machines in different establishments, unlike Vice City, now you can play slot machines. Go to the machine and press the “F” key, and then figure it out. By the way, in CJ’s house there is a set-top box near the TV, you can also play it.


To restore health, you do not have to run to a pizzeria, you can just go to the machine with lemonade or food, which are often found in crowded places and shops, and for only $ 1 to improve your health.


In Los Santos, in the downtown area, there is a circular skyscraper. Go into it and you will find yourself on the roof. Put on your parachute and jump! The parachute will open by pressing the left mouse button. If you wish, you can take a parachute with you and jump from anywhere Parachutes are available in other places in San Andreas.

Playing billiards.

There is a bar just outside CJ’s house. They won’t offer you a drink, but you can play billiards there. Place your bet and go! You need to break the balls first. We choose the direction of the blow, we confirm that we will hit by pressing, we determine the strength of the blow so as not to drive the white ball into the pocket. We punch by making a forward movement with the mouse. What kind of balls you will score first (striped or solid colored), balls of this kind must be pocketed in the future. When you don’t pocket a ball, or when you pocket the wrong type of ball, it’s up to your opponent. If you pocket the white ball, the opponent can place this ball on the table where he wants, if black, then you lose the game. After the player has pocketed all the balls of his type, in order to win, he must pocket the black ball.

Negro for pumping.

A very important element of the gameplay is the CJ training system. Practically everything can be trained: endurance, muscles, lung capacity, weapon skills, vehicle control, hand-to-hand combat and other skills. Good physical shape is very useful for completing missions, it will allow you to escape from pursuit, because in the game you have to run and run a lot. Go to the gym to workout, build muscle and train endurance. To find out what level of training CJ has, press the key. The more stamina you have, the longer you can run and swim. Muscle and endurance can be built not only in the gym, when you run for a long time, muscle level and endurance gradually increase. Do not forget to eat regularly, because if the level of fullness is at zero for a long time, then during physical exercise (running), the gained muscle mass decreases with such difficulty. Some missions require a long time to swim underwater in order to increase lung capacity and not need air for a long time while exploring the seabed – swim more underwater. Over time, your lung capacity will increase significantly. A visit to a martial arts school will allow you to learn hand-to-hand combat techniques. Using special combinations, you can defeat any opponent with your bare hands.

Weapon skill is trained individually for each type of weapon. The more accurate hits you have, the more skill you have for this type of weapon. You can also practice shooting on the shooting range. Over time, for example, you will be able to shoot from the Uzi with two hands, and you will be able to reload cartridges faster, accuracy and destructive power will also increase. You can see what your possession skill is at the moment, also by clicking or in statistics.

Vehicle ownership can also be trained for each type of transport (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, planes and helicopters, boats). The skill is acquired by going through special schools (there are flight and car schools). Driving any type of vehicle for a long time without accidents, you also increase the level of ownership of this type of transport. At a high level, transport is much easier to manage.

Horse racing betting.

In the city center, find a building with the sign “Inside Track”, inside there are special devices similar to slot machines. Approach them and press “F”. Choose the horse you like and place your bets. You can bet any amount, but be careful, it is not so easy to guess which horse will come to the finish line first.

How to recruit partners for your gang.

Once you have a high enough level of respect among the underworld, you can take partners with you to any showdown. To do this, approach the gangster (he must be from a friendly grouping) and press the right mouse button, when the green health marker above him lights up, press “G”. The number of bandits you can take with you depends on the level of respect.

Easy Money.

It is known that robbing passers-by brings very little money. But it depends on what kind of passers-by. Find drug dealers in the crowd and by killing them you can take $ 2000. There are only two of them in Los Santos. The first is a black man in a dark T-shirt, dark pants and a dark hat, a large gold chain around his neck. The second white guy in a white jacket with a hood draped over his head, blue jeans and white sneakers. It is very easy to calculate them in a crowd: they stand still, as if they were waiting for someone. If you come close to them, they will offer to buy drugs.

Pimp mission.

Find a Broadway car, it’s a very old convertible. In this car, you can complete the pimp mission. The mission is to wander around the city and deliver prostitutes to clients. Sometimes force is required if a client offends a girl. The mission is simple, but you will have to travel a lot around the city.

How to make a million.

In the city of San Fierro, in the center, there is a place where races take place, it is indicated by a flag on the map. If you come there and win all the races in the first place, then you will be given $ 1,000,000.

How to get the fastest motorcycle, Monster (Bigfoot), Racer (sports car).

In the city of Las Venturas in the Black Field area there is a motorcycle school, it is indicated on the map $ if you complete all tasks with gold medals, you will be given the fastest motorcycle. In Los Santos on the map you need to find a large round building – this stadium (on the map it is marked with a cup). If you pass it in the first place, you will be given a Monster and a Racer. Trust me, all these cars are worth getting. By the way, Bigfoot can be found in a small settlement immediately after leaving Los Santos (when San Fierro is opened).

Overtake the rooster.

On the beach of Santa Maria, in Los Santos, at the Lighthouse, you can participate in swimming. If you want to win you need to pump “endurance” to the maximum. If you have all this, feel free to go there. Tip: to win you need to press shift as much as possible, this speeds up the swimming.

Endless wheel on bicycles.

I discovered this trick a long time ago, now I’ll tell you how to do it. In general, we need a direct route (for example, an airport). You need to accelerate and rebuild, but not completely, so that the rear of the bike does not touch the asphalt. In this position, you need to drive 3-4 seconds, after that you can release the key with which you reared up. Congratulations now you are a circus performer.

2 girls are not enough? Take four more.

Everyone knows that according to the plot in GTA: SA there are two girls, one in the first city, and the second in the third. But besides them there are four more girls. Every girl benefits. I know one of them can get you out of the hospital for free. That is, when you die, they will not take a dime from you. So if you, while riding in San Andreas, stumbled upon a girl with a blue triangle on her head, approach her, and maybe she will answer you with her love.

Photos in the game.

Now you can take photos of interesting events right in the game, take a camera (on the 2nd floor in the first house of CJ) and take a photo. Photos in JPG format are located in the folder: “… My Documents GTA San Andreas User FilesGallery”. With the help of the camera, you can take pictures not only of buildings, but also of yourself (CJ’ya)! To do this, point the camera at some guy from your gang and click on the action. After that, the guy will take a camera and take a picture of you. These photos are saved as normal.

Own music in the game.

A distinctive feature of the PC version from the console version is the ability to listen to your own music as a 12 radio station. If in GTA III and Vice City it was necessary to throw files with music into the MP3 folder, now you need to copy your favorite songs to the address: “… My Documents GTA San Andreas User FilesUser Tracks” In the sound settings, you can choose how the tracks will be played (randomly or sequentially) and mix your music with screensavers from the radio. After you have added your music to this folder, go to audio settings> user music and scan for new tracks, otherwise new music may not be available in the game.

Acoustics in transport.

The quality of the bass output depends on the type of transport, for example, there is no bass on motorcycles and old vehicles, but on expensive Masha the bass is very felt. To improve your sound quality, take a look at a modding garage and buy a good subwoofer. This feature can be disabled in the audio settings.

Basketball tournament.

There are many basketball courts scattered throughout San Andreas, from small home basketball courts to large specialized professional ones. In Las Venturas, find that big area and grab the ball. If you press the “space”, the tournament will begin! In it, you need to score as many points as possible in a certain time. You can only throw balls from specially designated places.

How to take cars in tow.

Few people know that tow trucks drive around the city for a reason. Climbing into such a car, you can take any vehicle in tow. To do this, lower the tow truck crane down (to operate the crane, use buttons 8 and 2 on the additional keyboard), then carefully roll up to the towed vehicle so that the hook touches the bumper. The car will attach itself to the towing vehicle. Raise the towing crane and you can go anywhere.

Other cars can hook not only tugs. Tractors that can be found in rural areas can also carry any type of transport. You can even play a little train by attaching 20 pieces of tractors and ride on the roads. There are small BAGGAGE and TUG cars at the airport, they can carry small trailers with luggage and other small trailers, such as stairs at the airport.

By car, PACKER, which is designed to transport cars in San Andreas, it became possible to transport these same cars. To do this, lift the 2nd platform for transport horizontally to the road near the car (buttons 8 and 2 on the additional keyboard), that’s it, now you can drive small cars. Only during transportation do they shake and beat violently.

Large trailers, often found in industrial areas of cities, can hitch tractor units, for example: LINERUNNER, ROADTRAIN, TANKLASTER.

Collecting hidden objects.

As in Vice City in San Andreas, in order to get free weapons and other bonuses, you need to collect several types of hidden objects, namely:

Find 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas. Bonus: your luck in gambling will increase + the following weapons will always be available at the “Four Dragons” casino: Combat Shotgun, Satchel Charges, M4 and MP5.

Find 50 oysters scattered along the bottom of the waters throughout San Andreas. Bonus: increased lung capacity and attractiveness + $ 100,000.

Paint over 100 graffiti in Los Santos (Spray paint can be found in CJ’s house on the 2nd floor). Bonus: respect for the gang + weapons near CJ’s mother’s house in Los Santos: AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun and Molotov cocktails in the kitchen.

Take 50 landmarks in San Fierro. Here the whole interest lies in the fact that markers in the form of a rotating camera image, which mark the places to be photographed, are visible only through the camera lens! And you have to run around before you find all the sights. Bonus: near the house in the Doherty area (San Fierro) weapons will be available: Micro-SMG, grenades, shotgun and sniper rifle.

The easiest way to use the Jet Pack for searches, it will be at the old abandoned airport in the Las Venturas desert after completing one of the missions, towards the end of the game.

Elimination of problems with game freezing, problems with graphics, sound. Increase FPS.

From communication on the GTA-forums, it became clear that problems with the game occur quite often. Problems are mainly solved by installing new versions of drivers (both video and sound), but not everything is so simple.

Game crashes.

Anyone who has a toy crashes with a blue screen and a driver error in nvcpm.sys. It’s all about the nforce audio controller driver. To fix this, you need to do the following: go to the device manager / sound, video and game devices / nforce audio controller / update the driver / install from the specified location / do not search, I will choose the driver I need. And select the standard driver for the integrated sound processor. For example, my name is Realtek 97 audio. The whole problem is in the collection of the latest drivers from nVidia UDP 5.10 for motherboards based on nForce.

If the game does not start even after the rearrangement or is very buggy, then it may be worth deleting the file “gta_sa.set, it is located: … My Documents GTA San Andreas User Files all the GTA settings are stored in it.

Graphics problems

Problem: people are displayed as black in splash screens and white on the streets without textures on FX5200-5600-5900 video cards and some ATi. Solution: updating the drivers does not solve the problem, so you just need to launch the RivaTuner program and then to the Direct3D Tweaks> Compability tab and check the Enable table fog emulation box … everything starts working correctly and people are textured again.

Sound problems.

Sometimes you need to reduce the acceleration of sound, for this we go to Start> Run> write “dxdiag”> click on the Sound tab and reduce the level of hardware acceleration.

Good advice to all owners of the cut pirated version (1 or 2 CDs). There is almost no radio in this version of the game. Because of this, when entering the car, the game may crash or slow down a lot. Setting all radio stations to play songs from the “User’s Tracks” folder by default may solve the problem. To do this, in the folder “… GTA_San_Andreasaudiostreams” – delete all files with names of 2 letters (11 pieces by the number of stations). Now in each machine what you put in the [User Tracks] folder will play (do not pay attention to the station names that appear at the top of the screen).

Performance increase (FPS).

On older computers, FPS will increase if you turn off the frame limiter, you need to cut out the shadows and remove anti-aliasing (Anti-aliasing), reduce the drawing distance, change the resolution to a lower one.

Another reason for the low performance in the game: the game has vertical sync enabled by default, which can only be disabled through the RivaTuner program or the video card driver. The gain is quite large especially on older machines.

It is noticed that the game can slow down a lot if the monitor is set to 100 Hz, try setting 85 Hz, the brakes decrease slightly.

Little tricks.

Airplanes and helicopters can be stored in the largest hangar on an abandoned airfield.

To accelerate on a bike, you need to quickly press the forward button, then CJ will accelerate on the bike. To bounce on the bike, hold down the Ctrl button for a few seconds, and then release.

To turn around in one place (required in the Driving School) press simultaneously forward, backward and left or right arrow, the car will turn in place.

In Los Santos, you can jump from a skyscraper on a motorcycle or bike and stay alive.

How to get free ammo.

All large Ammu-Nation stores offer a shooting competition. After starting the Ammu-Nation Challenge, exit it. After that, 100-1000 rounds will be added to all weapons that participate in these competitions (Tec9, SMG, M4 and sawn-off shotgun). If you collect more than 9999 rounds in this way, they will become infinite. That is, the cartridges, of course, someday run out, but it will not be very soon.

How to fly a Boeing 737 and a fighter jet.

In San Andreas, the Boeing is called the AT-400 and is located in a large, far hangar at Las Venturas Airport..

The Hydra fighter can be hijacked directly from air competitions (available at Las Venturas Airport) in the Military Service mission. Just after the start of the mission, drive the fighter into a large hangar at an abandoned airfield and save.

World population.

You can increase or decrease by changing the values ​​in the file – “streams.ini”. For example, if you reduce the number of cars, then it will become much easier to drive on the roads at high speed, but if you increase, then the roads will turn into one big traffic jam.

The other world.

Do you know how to get to the other world? This is such a world where there is an opportunity to travel as if outside the surrounding textures and models. It’s like typing No Clip in DOOM III and walking through walls. To get into this world, do the following: Go to the gym, which is located near the first house in Los Santos. ALWAYS kill everyone who is there, then you will have to enter the ROCKETMAN code and you will have a flying backpack. Putting on your knapsack, go to the exit where the yellow arrow is and start climbing up! You will find yourself in a black other world. Further, it is already more difficult to do without a special card, but it’s still cool, there is a lot of things there. To get to Liberty City use the “Place Manager” program. Launch the Place Manager program, then the game, go to the gym in Los Santos. As you entered the gym, open the Place Manager and enter the coordinates:

X = 1387.977
Y = 7.352808
Z = 1049.2899
see the yellow arrow, go to it, find yourself in the building.

Then enter the coordinates of Liberty City:
X -899.682
Y 462.5456
Z 1346.875

Unfair seizure of territory.

Helpful advice: if your territory is attacked, you need to quickly run home and save, and the territory will remain yours!

Tricks in passing difficult missions.

Mission to Los Santos Stadium: 8-Track.

This task is quite difficult due to the fact that the race car is very fragile and quickly decays. It’s easy to fix and make your racing car stronger than an asphalt roller! To do this, download the “SA Handling Editor” program, install it into the game directory. Run the program and specify the location of the handling.cfg file (it is located in the DATA folder). Find the HOTRING vehicle in the list of vehicles, set the value of the “Collision damage multiplier” variable to 0.01 (like a tank!). Now the race resembles the competition in Need For Speed, where the car does not beat at all, and you can drive without slowing down on turns.

Stunt Bike Mission (BMX Challenge) and Motorcycle Stunt (NRG-500 Challenge).

Terrible mission time is less and less and the checkpoint is suspended in a very inconvenient place … For those who are tortured to pass these missions (and they are necessary for 100% passing the game) my advice. It is very easy to get infinite time in these missions. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself: Roll up to any checkpoint, and as soon as you have 0 seconds of time left and the inscription “You are a loser!” take this checkpoint. Here it is important to guess so that the process of taking the checkpoint occurs at the very end of 0 seconds. If you succeed, then the time will disappear, but the checkpoints will remain! And you can collect as many as you like. This trick works in other missions as well, such as taxi driver, medic, etc..

Death instead of love.

Who doesn’t want to drive a croupier girl to all sorts of restaurants and gain% of her respect for you, and immediately get the coveted card, just kill her, and take the card from her home. But in this situation, you cannot complete the game 100%.

In order for the girl-stickman to surrender herself without courtship and dating, just come to her house in the suit that you take in a sex shop on a mission – in the English version it is a gimp suite. In this way, it is easy to get a card from her..

How to catch up with a plane?

Many people ask: how to go through a mission in Las Venturas, where you need to catch up with the gangsters plane by plane (fly through the ring above their plane)?

Recommendations for the passage: first fly to the airfield where the flight school took place, then fly to the plane to a meeting somewhere at cloud level, as soon as you see the plane – turn right away (you just need to turn less) + fly not exactly after it, but try to overtake him from the side and from above and sit in the ring above him. And what happens next (scene) is pure insanity.

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