Guide: basic tips and tricks for playing Dark Souls 2

Dark souls 2

Everyone has probably heard about Dark Souls and how hardcore it is. Even those who considered themselves a true lover of complexity let their emotions take over. Well, what can we say about ordinary players (broken gamepads, mates, slander in honor of the developers, etc.) But to avoid all of the above, you should read our article. Oh yes, in some situations it is still worth taking advice, this will make the right decision. So, reading this guide, we will analyze more than 15 different tips and tricks that will allow you to get involved, and not let you say goodbye to life at the very beginning of the game.

# 1 Get ready to die, die and die again ….

If you have never played this series, then you should be prepared for the fact that learning tricks and mechanics is more than important here. Well, if, of course, you are not some kind of unique person, then know that you have to die very often – and this is quite normal. Death haunts you, in Dark Souls 2 it’s generally part of the game. Immediately, it’s better to go through the tutorial (training) at the very beginning, after the fire. This will teach you basic things.

# 2 Chat with everyone!

If you do not want to be a loser who gets stuck at the first difficult situation, then you should talk, and talk to each character, until all the dialogue options are over. If you do this, then they will often move to your city. Because of this, they will not only be easier to find, but also needed to open the closed parts of the game.

# 3 Take care of the soul.

When dying, you lose Souls. In the game, they are such a currency and are intended for pumping your Persian and for buying things. If, having died, you return to the place of death without dying again, then you will be able to bring souls back to yourself. And here the most interesting thing is that you should not collect a lot of souls at a time, it would be better to constantly move and spend them on pumping the character. In case of death, you will not lose much.

# 4 Emerald Herald.

In Dark Souls 2, pumping takes place by talking to the Emerald Herald, she will be located in the city. She can also increase the number of potion flasks.

# 5 Customize your character to suit your color and taste.

Stats in Dark Souls 2 have perhaps the most important impact on how you handle magic, weapons, and what equipment you can wear. Different styles of play require different builds. You can read more about what stats and other things affect in this article.

# 6 Build is bad – reset it.

If during pumping you screwed up with the expenditure of points, then one of the old women at the very beginning of the game can reset your stats, but in exchange for the Soul Vessel. And you can find this vessel only a few times, it is very, very rare.

# 7 The enemies are running out.

Compared to previous games, the usual opponents will disappear at the end, if, of course, you kill them often. If you farm one zone for a very long time, then it will soon become impoverished.

# 8 Burning.

In Dark Souls 2, there are few things that can be burned in the fire to increase or decrease the difficulty level. Sublime Bone Dust will help you strengthen your health flasks, and the Man Scarecrow will limit the number of attacks from other players. But the most necessary and useful thing is Bonfire Ascetic. She increases the difficulty around bonfires, and also does it with treasures, but also with bosses.

# 9 Stones.

Keys that can be used on unusual stone faces that can be seen on the walls from the beginning of the game. They are quite rare, and, as a rule, reveal mechanisms or treasures. It is necessary to view them, but in the second half of the game there is nothing there, much less original.

# 10 Ladders are your friends.

If you are pursued by a mass of enemies, then you can get to the nearest ladder and disappear from opponents.

# 11 Pump your stuff.

You can pump your luggage at the blacksmith in the metropolis (city). Pumping strongly asks for all kinds of Titanite and Souls. The improved weapon deals more powerful hits.

# 12 Join the Covenant.

Covenants are groups that you can join to customize your personal gameplay. If the game is very difficult for you, then join Way of Blue. Then there is Crestfallen Saulden, who will provide you with a little present. If you want a few more difficulties, then look for the covenant at the Victor’s stone on the cliff in the metropolis.

The cat in the metropolis allows you to leave the covenants in case you change your mind.

# 13 Check the merchant.

The trader with a gun and armor often updates his personal assortment. Visit him periodically, especially in the last stages of the game.

# 14 Build yourself.

The starting class doesn’t really play a huge role in the game. But different classes have much better stats, when you master the game system, you can pump your hero the way you want it.

# 15 Watch your stamina.

You are mobile only as far as you have enough stamina. Attack, run and other influences “eat” stamina, and blocking reduces recovery. Combat in Dark Souls 2 strongly asks for a rather sensitive and attentive control, taking into account the behavior of enemies. Be vigilant, you don’t have to trust only the attack or the defense.

# 16 Beware of the crowd.

If you are pursued by a group of enemies, then the chance of death increases. Each time, try to distract opponents by 1.

# 17 Don’t overload yourself.

It is not necessary to carry a very large number of things with you. Vitality works to keep you from blowing away. The heavier the equipment and the tool, the more leisurely you will walk. So choose carefully …

# 18 Explore.

There are quite a lot of interesting things in this game and it is very easy to miss significant spaces where valuable things are located. Be attentive and try to look around every time, look for stairs, or hidden caves.

# 19 Priorities in things.

Try to choose the right items for quick access, for example, so that you don’t end up with explosives when you need medications.

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