Hacker Was Detained For The Harmony Of The Game Character

Popular in Asia Fun “Sopri Account A friend-enemy-someone” gradually got to the birch of the middle strip. Who would doubt that. However, there are native law enforcement officers on the path of cyber confusion. At least sometimes.

About a year ago, a certain resident of Murmansk went to the police (then she had not yet changed the former backward name for the current advanced) in connection with the alarm of his character Lineage 2. Familiar with the “ruler” know that to pump in the game – Another adventure. A stolen character, in addition to maximum pumping, had a bunch of other advantages.

Employees of the applicant’s bodies were not sent to seek justice to far away, but reacted with understanding. And even appreciated the damage to funny (if we proceed from the real market value) 5000 rubles – by the amount of means spent on pumping. However, it was not possible to find a hacker for a long time. While his traces did not led to Rostov. There the case finally moved from the dead point.

The investigative events carried out by the department “K” of the Donskoy Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs brought them down on a 20-year-old resident of Volgodonsk. When searching in his apartment, we found seven powerful computers (in the room even the rails were laid, for which the host chair was rushed) and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity. The attacker was detained, and the character returned to the rightful owner.

Currently, cybercriminator is under a subscription of the unprit, waiting for the end of the investigation. If he is confirmed guilty, then for the love of someone else’s (albeit virtual), it faces up to two years in prison under the article “Unauthorized access to computer information”. But if he just stole a hundred rubles from someone’s pocket, then the trouble would earn much more. Nevertheless, the law is negligible to our brother-gamera.

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