Half-Life 2 / Episode One: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

In the second chapter of DIRECT INTERVENTION, we need to run along two pipes, where energy balls fly. In the description, 2 methods were written here – to throw on the balls from the gravel cannon and dodge them, or better 1 + 2. I, I confess, did not even think of such a thought – neither about the first nor the second. I just took the door in the first corridor that we knock out when we climb into it and successfully walked to meet the balls, even though you drink beer with friends there. And in the second – the same thing, only the door there is more abruptly and more authentic. Like this.

Half-life 2: Episode One has super weapons. True, it is impossible to get an exclusive means of destruction without “cheating”. If you enter the command “hopwire_vortex 1” into the console, and then “give weapon_hopwire”, the lucky Freeman will not get anything, but Black Hole Grenade – a grenade that forms a local black hole. It looks like this: the ball thrown by Gordon falls to the floor, then jumps into the air and a luminous all-consuming funnel appears in its place. After a couple of seconds, the whistle stops, and the opponents are gone.

Zombines love to play kamikaze. But there is one trick. When they get a grenade, we get a gravity gun. We take the toy from the zombie and launch it into it. The main thing here is to predict the moment of the explosion so that the grenade explodes near the enemy, and not behind him or in his hands in front of his nose. By the way, this technique is used in a multiplayer game..

Do you remember the strange creature that appears on screens and monitors throughout the game? Do you want to get a good look at it? Then do this.
In the last chapter (Escape from City 17), on the field between the station and the building from where we take the rebels (there are cars scattered everywhere), we need to call the console (if you activated it) and drive sv_cheats 1, and then noclip (passage through the walls). We fly into the ground. Below, from a distance, you will see three rooms. One big one where the screen is on and two small ones. There is nothing interesting in small ones, but this creature is sitting in the big one. In addition, if you knock on it with a tire iron, then in a certain case, any animation of movements will be activated. I wish you good luck in your search!

To finish off the king of ant lions without straining, there is such a bug: at the moment when he runs to deal with the armored car of the alliance, we immediately run to plug two holes with cars, then we lure the overgrown insect to the hole on the right and voila, the monster sits in a hole, ant lions from – they do not climb under it, and what is most pleasant, you can safely throw it with exploding barrels – it will not even twitch and will soon throw off its limbs.

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