Half-Life 2: Tips And Tactics

Aishnik problems can be corrected differently.
Create AUTOEXEC file in the HL2 / CFG folder.CFG with content:


The only problem is sometimes the NPC is freezed by the elevators – is corrected by the method of saving and loading (not rapid!!!) Near the elevator.

Also, if you have a pirate, run HL2 not through the Launcher file.EXE, and through HL2.EXE with the “-Steam” parameter (without quotes), then you will have an animated back background of the menu, and not blurring garbage.
An example of a label properties for this:

“C: \ Program Files \ Games \ Half-Life 2 \ HL2.EXE “-Steam

Then in Autoexec.CFG need to add:


To work console.

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