Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret: Tips and Tactics for the Game

When you reach the end and do not collect all the cards, then go and win in fights, collect a bunch of nuts, buy as many silver cards as you need and go open the door that Headless Nick showed you. It will open and there you can collect all the gold cards!

There are three ways to duel:
1. Do not use anything other than Expelliarmus. The nicest way. Fight off all spells. Such magic “tennis”, with good practice, will end in your favor. The longer the spell stays between you, the stronger it becomes..
2. Do not use anything other than Rictusepra. There is one trick here so that the enemy does not have time to reflect. If the enemy is not currently affected by the blue ray, then he will move in the same direction as you. Then: we stand opposite the enemy, hold the spell, strengthening it, and then we move aside and release. The enemy will move in the same direction as you and will not have time to reflect the spell.
3. Use all spells. There are also three tricks here: Firstly, if immediately after the duel starts using Rictusepra, the enemy will reflect it, but if you also reflect it, then the enemy will not have time to be reflected the second time, so from the very beginning the advantage will be on your side … Secondly, if you move to the very corner and use the blue beam, then the enemy will writhingly run away to the side, then we will.

Oh, how many times I went through this game – with and without codes – you can’t count! And then I find out that some cannot pass it. Or they have questions. It is possible, of course, to write the passage, but there are so many of them now! But there are not so many tips on tactics. And little has been written about the secrets of the game. So let there be more such advice!

1) Firstly, let’s start with the fact that many find it difficult to complete the game just because they are simply killed. Like my friend Yulia. The defuser.ini file exists for you gamers. First, find and open it. At the very end there is an inscription:


bInvertBroomPitch = False

bAutoCenterCamera = True

bMoveWhileCasting = True

bAutoQuaff = True

fDamageMultiplier_Easy = 1.5

fDamageMultiplier_Medium = 2.0

fDamageMultiplier_Hard = 3.0

In the last three lines, change the numbers 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 (or what have you got there? In general, change the final numbers of the last three lines) in all three places by 0.1. You will see, it will become much easier.

If you cannot find the last star of rictusemphra (I, of course, am not sure that it is spelled that way), throw all the crabs inside, then go down, you see this pit, neochuchenny crabs and a bridge. you open the bridge with ahokhmoroy, you find yourself in a cache. Collect all kinds of bullshit, take a star and a wall opens up for you.

After you pass the Spongify Test, go to the hall with the stairs and go down to the very bottom. There are 4 signs of Spongify, activate the one in the middle and jump on it, you will receive a silver card. And one more thing. If you activate all the signs and jump on them during the jump, press conjure and immediately release and you will see Harry fall like a soldier! And by the way! If you jumped very high and the sign disappeared or missed, then do not be afraid if jumping without landing is then your lives will not be removed!

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