Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets: Tips And Tactics

There are three ways to keep duel:
1. Don’t use anything but explicitarmus. The best way. Delege all spells. Such a magical “tennis”, with good practice, will end in your favor. The longer the spell remains between you, the stronger it becomes.
2. Do not use anything but ricketteplay. There is one trick, so that the enemy did not have time to reflect. If the opponent is at the moment the action of the blue beam does not apply, then he will move to the same side as you. Then: stand opposite the enemy, keep the spell, reinforcing it, and then move aside and let go. The enemy will delete the same way as you will not have time to repel the spell.
3. Use all spells. Here, too, there are three tricks: first, if immediately after the duel starts to use Rictispra, the enemy will reflect it, but if you reflect it, then the opponent will not have time to affect him, so from the very beginning the advantage will be on your side. Secondly, if you move away to the very corner, and use the blue beam, then the enemy is dug off to the sides, then we.

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