Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)


Talking Gargoyles Location Map:

If you need a book to write an essay for Professor Flitwick, it’s in the Great Hall of the Ravenclaw apprentice….

1. The last package is taken at Hagrid’s house, if you put a pumpkin in a pipe.
2. Tracks: 1,2 – on the way to the phastral. Some – at the camera crossing near the Christmas tree, the second – 5-10 meters from the first, stick out in the middle of the road. Themselves do not offer to distinguish themselves as “enter”. Still others are where the raven fence near Hagrid’s house ends.
4. The bone from the garden should be thrown through the window. Watering can water the ground with sprouts (behind the house, near two pumpkins – 4 groups of flowers should grow)
5. Many parcels are hidden in the bushes in the locations “Hagrid’s House” (including the festral meadow!) And “Stone Circle”. Put on the bushes “Dipulso!”
6. We pass the Gobstone. Note for all games: When aiming, first look from afar, then zoom in the camera all the way (W and S) and fine tune to the target of the strike (the very top of the middle of your cue ball. When playing with bad graphics, you can use the central pixel as a front sight).

Jack stone.
With the first blow we hit from the opposite side (so that white and the opponent’s ball are on the same line!). The next moves simply knock out the enemy’s balls from the circle. 4 hits – and victory!

Snake pit.
With the first blow, you should knock the opponent’s ball into the hole so that your ball remains close to the edge – this is done with a medium-force hit on a tangent to the hole. With the next powerful blows, we simply throw the opponent’s balls into the hole..

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