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All over the world, there was a rather ambiguous attitude to violence in video games. Someone believes that unnecessarily cruel scenes are indulging in the darkest desires of human nature, allowing them to go outside, which can pour into a very real bloody tragedy (newspaper headlines like “the Son killed his father because of Postal!»Will not let it lie). Someone, on the contrary, believes that by spilling out the entire accumulated negative on the characters drawn on the screen, breaking the couple of limbs and picking up several virtual lives, the person becomes only kinder and tolerable to others.

Whose point of view is really true, do not judge (probably, as always, the truth somewhere in the middle, with separate exceptions), but much more interesting is the third look at this problem – by the individual developers who have given violence in their games at the head of the corner. For what? Yes for money, of course!Hatred OverviewEach such an execution restores the health of the main character and gives another attack of the name of the player.
Business approach

Hatred From Polyakov Flow Destructive Creations clearly shows how important it is to have in the state of a good marketer. Apparently, in time, finding that there is a demand for the “blood intestines”, and there is no clear proposals on the horizon, the developers promptly engaged in creating their first product and in October last year they rolled out an announcement trailer. The roller, weathered in the dark colors, showed the viewer of a certain citizen, a leisurely gathering strolls at the verge of a gun and a couple of grenades for the sinus, and then the “walk” itself. The spectacle is still – the crowds distracted from fear of people falling under the squall of shots, blood rivers, explosions, and in the center – the protagonist, famously straightening with defenseless victims. Special accent was made on a traction shown by a close-up, with the help of a knife or “Scotgana” – with an indispensable plenty of the poor people about the mercy and pathetic phrases of the executioner.

The public responded. And how reacted! Discussions on all possible sites, a pair of scandals on a brought topic “Again, brutal toys teach children to kill” – Hatred For a while suddenly turned into one of the hottest in the industry. Expected going to Steam Greenlight in the shortest possible time, the creation of Poles suddenly disappeared from the lists approved on the next day – some of the service staff considered that it was not necessary to help the spread of such indecompudence. But under the pressure of the public, which was crying Valve thousands of requests “do everything as it was”, I had to intervene Gabu Newell (Gabe Newell), who apologized to the authors and put a point in all possible disputes on this: game in Steam – to be.

Accident This or not, but better advertising for a beginner and no one known studio could hardly come up with. Archive around Hatred a little dot and scored the former revisions only before the release. As usual, again it did not cost without a small scandal – Destructive Creations promised to award everyone who issued pre-ordered, access to the game for three days before her official exit, but the words of his restrained could not. It turns out that the developers simply forgot to check whether a similar trick is possible from a technical point of view – and only at the last moment they found out that no. However, nobody is not offended.Hatred OverviewHave fun with fire quite fun: the house has a house from all sides, you can fry everyone alive, who is in it. It is a pity that ammunition for flamethrough is always in short supply.

The main character, whose name is not called, tells about his hatred to the whole world and to each person that he inhabits him, in the way I’m going on for the upcoming slaughter: AK, grenades, knife – everything is in place. Human life – the thing is useless, and the healthy with long black patters should not take it in the name … In the name of what exactly, we will not know, because the starting video of the answer does not give this question. Having finished his pathos, armed at the same thing I can not get out of the house, straight to the bus stop, and the game itself begins.

Night, rain, city, full of the most ordinary people. They stroll through the streets, watch the TV at home or away, sit in a cafe. Such idyll and violate something sorry – but not to our hero. After the first queue on anyone unsuspecting people in the city begins the real chaos. The first killed, the second, the surviving run in panic, the wounded are asking for mercy, and someone even trying to resist.

When the number of victims goes to dozens, the police finally wakes up, which, however, cannot have any serious resistance. Ordinary people – meat, police – the same meat, only with a weapon that immediately replenishes the Arsenal of the Main Hero. Special Forces – the guys are already more serious, but also you can cope with them, despite the strong body armor and massive armored cars. The most problems will deliver the army – a lot of soldiers, they have “Hummers” with machine guns and powerful bzooks.

Second level, third, fourth … Season in sewerage from special forces, passenger train, city, military base … Automatic, shotgun, flamethrower, knife;Shot limbs and burned alive, to see the head or abandoned to die from the Russian Academy of Sciences;Persecutive single lonely and mass troubles with dozens of victims per second … Locations replace one another, and suddenly, barely thinking about the fact that it would be time to stay a little bit from the endless extermination of all living things, you find out that the game has already ended. With due diligence, it can be fully passable for 4-5 hours, of which most of which will have to be on the last two levels, where the male maniac under our control will begin to have truly serious resistance to. Few? Yes, but honestly, it is impossible to say that it is strongly sorry for this.Hatred OverviewPre-election rally failed.
For, truly!

The very cruelty than which Hatred Received fame, it comes much earlier than the passage of the campaign ends. “Meat” scenes are not impressive – they are too slamming from a technical point of view. The various options for spectacular achievement are little, soon they begin to annoy their monotony (fortunately, they can be completely turned off), and when you notice that endless palfa in crowds of unarmed people do not carry at least some sense, interest comes. No one explains why our tatlach suddenly decided to kill the right and left. As the little Arcasha spoke from the story Vladimir Elistratova, “For, truly!”That’s the local main character, the motivation is about the same:” I will kill everyone, because I can “. He is not madman among madness as Dude from Postal 2, Does not have the devilish charisma Trevor Philips from GTAv, His cruelty is not a forced response to the current circumstances (series Manhunt). Compared to these butchers hero Hatred It looks no better than that very “faceless human mass” that hates so much.

It is completely incomprehensible where the highest age rating “only for adults”, assigned to the ESRB organization. You can call several products rating below, which will easily survive Hatred In terms of naturalism – if not in quantity, so as exactly. Of course, the ADULTS ONLY attracts the attention of a certain part of the audience, but it received in advance (they will involuntarily suspect ESRB in the work on an advertising campaign Hatred). That very cruelty is not felt here, largely due to which the classic mentioned has become popular.Hatred OverviewRelaying the fifty students of the Hipster smartphone models, you can get a special “achiveness”. Probably it should be funny.
Did not take off

And it’s not only in the absence of at least some intentional history or in the absolutely flat personality of the main character. If you were going to “relax after a hard day”, to move the shooting on defenseless people, then we hurry to disappoint – with the shooting here everything is in order, but for the “relaxation” better to contact some Alien Shooter. The gameplay is almost the same, but the management and interface there are thought out noticeably better. Play Hatred just not necessarily. Black and white tones, among which sometimes not distinguish between enemies nor the victims, nor the hero, who is constantly lost from the sight of sight, a naughty camera, weak optimization … The Office deserves a separate “praise” – it is not called an intuitive, but stuck in the subjectsThe interior of the hero will be the cause of sustainable death.

Coupled with a very strange preservation system (in the case of death or spend the resurrection points, obtained for the execution of optional tasks, or begin the level again) all this turns Hatred in entertainment on a very rare amateur. Since there is no interesting plot behind such a cored gameplay, and the gameplay itself is not in a hurry to delight the variety, the rapid end of the campaign meeting even with some relief.

Perhaps the only thing that is difficult to find faith – the system of destruction of buildings and objects. The furniture breaks into pieces, doors and windows are shot through, and the explosion of grenades or a gas cylinder and is able to spread the wall in sinters. Molotov’s cocktails and flamethrower allow you to amused with fire – for example, we set fire to the front entrance, and you ourselves go through the window and we observe how distraught from fear people run straight into the bake, where they burn alive.

Yes, the local population does not differ excessive reality – passersby can teach our maniac behind the wall of the house, and they can safely walk right through the corpses, not paying attention to shooting and explosions nearby. Police and soldiers a little smarter, but sometimes there are not enough gray matter: “Friendly Fire” or shots from Bazuka to the emphasis – the usual thing.Hatred OverviewBrave special forces is preparing to water the terrorist in the sort. In such a situation, only one way out is to run away.***
Despite the vigorous, it would seem, the start, the debut of the young Polish studio is unlikely to call a big luck. Yes, she faithfully felt the mood of the audience who was bored by “meat” with the lack of any framework of political correctness, but to create a good game of this little. It is necessary to think about any story, to get acquainted with the creation of an appropriate atmosphere, not forgetting, of course, about the gameplay and a pleasant eye picture. It turns out that explanatory programmers and game designers are no less important than marketers. Glory “New PostalHatred Do not see – some scandals in the press is not enough.

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