Hearing: Watch Dogs Space Shooter And Breath Of The Wild Analogue – Two New Ubisoft Games For E3 2019

Update on June 7: This ear has a refinement.

Original news: Editor Kotaku Jason Schreier (Jason Schreier) Reduins Corporate Secrets again: This time he spoke about two new games in the Kotaku Splitcreen podcast Ubisoft, Which company is allegedly going to announce to E3 2019.

The first game – Pioneer (name working). The teaser of this game was first shown in Watch Dogs 2. They say she had to become a science fiction adventure about a peaceful study of space. Development has entered a dead end, so production rebooted. Now Pioneer Built on technology Rainbow Six Siege, And the gameplay turned into a cooperative shooter. That’s the form, says Schreier, game and announce on E3 2019.

Second Novinka Ubisoft – Orpheus (name is also working). This is an adventure action that sources Schraira compare S The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. According to the editor of Kotaku, about Orpheus They tell very interesting things, so you don’t want to spoil the surprise with extra details.

There will be another game – Roller Champions, which was noticed at the end of May. This is a sports entertainment, where people roller rollers in a shirt with a ball. It is described as a conditional analog Rocket League.

Bonus plums: according to information Schraira, supervisor Watch Dogs Legion (she also recently leaked) stands Clint Hawking CLINT HOCKING). Earlier he was a creative director Far Cry 2 and game designer Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

By the way, new Splinter Cell There are no active production now, sources say Schraira. But, as Kotaku editor believes, Ubisoft anyway can show on E3 2019 some tiny teaser, just waiting for a new part for a very long time.

Press conference Ubisoft will be held on June 10 at 23:00 Moscow.

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