Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a computer generated online collectible card game based on the Warcraft universe released on March 11, 2014 and developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

# 1 Destroy all bosses in normal and expert modes with the original decks.

You shouldn’t rush into rating battles right away. First, you need to get better acquainted with the mechanics of the game. This skill will undoubtedly help in the future. Immediately before starting the top battle, I killed every professional 2 times. After solving all the ringleaders in expert mode, get 100 g once.

Initial decks

# 2 Try to play with different classes

Be sure to choose any class, killing professionals. This will undoubtedly help you in the future, as you need to choose which class you like.

# 3 Create your own deck.

no more than 2 cards of the same type and no more than one legendary card can be placed in 1 deck …

gold cards stand out only with animation and an increased price. Spraying a yellow card will give you more dust than spraying an equally simple card …

cards are divided into three types: creature, spell and weapon …

there are joint and class cards …

the uniqueness of the card is guided by the crystal: without crystal starting, snow-white crystal ordinary, blue rare, purple epic, orange famous (legendary).

the deck will consist of 30 cards.

It is worth mentioning that the uniqueness of the card does not affect its “power and strength, this game has a large number of simple cards that are much better than the famous ones …


# 4 Start creating everyday errands.

In the meantime, in fact, what is required of you to do all the daily assignments in non-rated fights. Everyday assignments accumulate, if you do not complete them, a maximum of three tasks. You can also renounce the order by clicking on the cross ..

# 5 Your first ranked match.

From the beginning, you need to decide on the class, choose the one that you like the most, and pump it with specialists. There is a very common ranking system here, you get a star, if you win at least once, you get an auxiliary star for any three wins. You lose one star for losing. 1st several ranks you do not lose stars….

# 6 Don’t buy card packages …

It doesn’t matter if you are new or a connoisseur, the arena stands out much more than a roll of cards. Comparison:

The deck costs 100 g and gives you 5 cards, and nothing else …

The entrance to the arena costs 150 g, after the completion of the arena you will receive a number of prizes, depending on the number of victories. You MUST receive a 5-card bundle outside of wins. In addition, you get the practice you need.

Map packages

# 6 Hero’s life is also a resource

Do not be afraid to trade it if it gives you an edge. Don’t panic if you have much less XP than the enemy. Remember to dominate the table and set the pace of the game. It is possible to win with one life opposite 30 from the enemy.

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