Hedkrabs On The Snow – Fresh Video From The Fan Continuation Half-Life 2: Episode Two

All are waiting for the continuation Half-Life 2? Bye Valve Finds all new reasons not to finish the history of Gordon Freeman, the team of enthusiasts is evident over amateur tricvel mead – Project Borealis. Today, the craftsmen shared the fifth video of the development.

On the example of ice caves, the authors told about the process of creating levels. First, explains the voice for the scenes, the artist draws a concept art that defined by the atmosphere of location. Using these images and photos of real places, level designer creates an outline of a map with a view from above. After that, the team collects a simple prototype of location and conducts internal testing to make edits in the design of the card and the location of enemies.

As soon as the creators complete the work on the gameplay basis, the concept of the artist is again connected to the process – it draws art, based on the version of the level prepared by designers. Further 3D specialists are taken for business – they work on textures and assets for location. Artists gradually saturate the level of details until it decides that he is ready.

Other elements of the game are mentioned in the video. For example, in Project Borealis A dynamic soundtrack is used – the compositions are divided into composite parts, which are superimposed on each other depending on what is happening on the screen.

Recall that Project Borealis Created according to script Episode Three, Which in 2017 published a screenwriter Half-Life 2 Mark Ladloou (MARC Laidlaw). The project team has more than 80 people. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 engine (Source enthusiasts called outdated and less efficient).

Release Dates U Project Borealis not yet. Developers are going to distribute the game for free, but warn that plans may change. You can learn about the project in more detail on its official website.

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