IEM Katowice 2016: Tournament Brief

Quite recently, in the Polish city of Katowice, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive e-sports tournament ended, which is not the first time held by the ESL organization. Like last year, the tournament was no less spectacular. But compared to last year, it was not a major tournament, which means that many fans could not see it in the game itself, but only through streams. We also failed to see new stickers and did not drop a souvenir set for watching a match.


The tournament began with the opening match of the tournament between the teams Fnatic and Natus Vincere, Na’VI had the opportunity to win the first team in the ranking and end their losing streak with the Swedish five, but the team could not defeat the Swedish team, but the Brazilian five Luminosity Gaming, on the contrary, took advantage of this chance and beat Fnatic on de_inferno. Also on this day, the NIP team did not leave the group, which can hardly be called a sensation, because the ex-best team in the world is experiencing a strong decline, due to which they are already outside the top 10 rating. Also on this day, The Mongolz and mousesport did not leave the group (according to the rules, the 3 best teams leave the group, the best of them goes to the semifinals, and the 2nd and 3rd play in the ¼ final)

Second day

Day 2 brought a sensation. The winner of the last major tournament EnVyUS did not leave the group, and the Brazilian five Tempo Storm became a sensation, because they left the group from the 2nd place, beating such strong teams as Virtus Pro, EnVyUs.

The third day

On the 3rd day, the quarterfinals began. Fnatic easily dealt with the Polish team Virtus Pro with a score of 2: 0, and Na’Vi worked hard to reach the semifinals.

Fourth day

But in the semifinals, the Fnatic team barely defeated Astralis with a score of 2: 1, while the Brazilian team Luminosity, not really straining, did not let Natus Vincere into the final (2: 0).

The final

And of course the final day was especially hot. Who would have thought that a team that once needed cash assistance could make it to the finals, but Luminosity did. They were close to victory, but Fnatic showed great play and made 2 great comebacks on Overpass and de_inferno, which ensured Fnatic’s victory. The Swedes won 3-0, thereby destroying the dreams of the Brazilians. It’s worth noting that Luminosity has shown decent performance, but Fnatic is Fnatic. The Swedes are winning and winning this tournament for the 2nd time in a row and getting good game practice ahead of MLG Colambus 2016.


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