Il-2 Attack Aircraft: Tips And Tactics

You need to be able to be able to sit down, and not like North “flop like a grandmother from the furnace” (hear from any instructor). Here are the instructions on the points:

1- Speed should be 300-220km / h – fighter and 120-180km / h – bomber;
2- take such a position so that the height is no more than 1000 meters, and the band was in front;
3- Reduce craving to 45-25% (45-35% on bombers, 35-25% on the fighter, attack aircraft – average);
4- release flaps and chassis;
5- Hold the nose just below the horizon line;
6- wait, ass and before lifting the nose to the horizon line and wait for the touch;
7- After touching to reduce the craving to 0-15% and hold the aircraft to the end of the strip, carefully and on a slightly slow-breathing (if much, then go to the ground);
8- at a speed of 80 cravings by 0%;
9- 20km / h Throw on the smallest and maintain, in the parking lot – on the brakes, but neat.

As for the take-off, it is necessary to produce the flaps (help to tear off and dial the height without a special speed loss), they will help to the desired height not to lose speed, you need to gradually increase in life (otherwise the engine will choose and turn turns, and you do not take off), but here you can immediately.

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