In Competitive Mode, Overwatch Will Be Banned To Take The Same Heroes

Together with the announcement of the new heroine in the ranks Overwatch company Blizzard Entertainment Prepared a tangible update, which will once again change the long-suffering competitive regime.

In the near future, you will not be able to choose several identical characters in competitive matches – there are no more rapid captures of six Winstons, alas! According to the game leader Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan), many teams used this opportunity so that the enemy did not have time to counterattack, to the endlessly long time to pull extra or to simply select opponents. Caplan I am sure that with the same heroes in the competitive mode, it became not very fun.

That’s just incomprehensible as Blizzard It is going to fight with hooligans and just inept players who will probably begin to unwind members of their team: to take an important role, to be completely useless in battle and refuse to change the hero – what a spacious for “trolling”!
However, quick matches the restriction does not touch – there you can still take so much a tracer as it gets.

Besides, Blizzard thoroughly went on the balance of some fighters. Protective Matrix at D.VA now has a scale of use like a rocket launcher Farre, and “Culdown” of this ability is significantly reduced – from ten seconds to 1. The explosion of “self-destruction” occurs for a second earlier and no longer kills the hostess. Dzureyatta now has more shields, he treats faster and moves during “transcendence”. Damage from the Cadocea Angel is not increased by 30%, but by 50%, but no longer folds with the same bonus from another angel.

In the fresh patch, full and other changes, with them you can find here. Update (as well as an analysis with its attending rifle) is already available in the test version Overwatch.

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