In Crossout Started The Update “Cup Waste” – With A Football Regime And A New Pvp Card

Targem Games And Gaijin Entertainment We are glad to declare that in the postpocalyptic action on wheels Crossout started upgrade “Cup Wasteners”, Where among other additions, a football event was entered in the Spirit Rocket League. Below are the main novelties of the update.

• Event “Steel Championship” – Stern football, in which the armob with harpoons chasing the huge ball on the field. The goal – as it should be, to score a goal in the door of the enemy. Opportunities to destroy each other’s cars. Matches are in three three format, and for victory they give glasses to help advance up in the leader table, go to the next league and get awards. If you do not have a familiar team, do not worry – you will be recorded in a random.

Only during the “Steel Championship” you can buy a set of “third time”, which includes an armored car “fan van”, thematic paints, stickers, beeps and fire.

Event will last until August 14.

• New PVP card “Crater”. The authors called it so in honor of the funnel, inside which wreckage of the space shuttle. Battles on this location are usually unfolded on open spaces, but not far from the capture point there is a Schedule technique suitable for use as a shelter.

• Updated Cards “EL Diablo Gorge”, “Lost Bander”, “Broken Arrow” and “Ship Cemetery”.

• increased friendliness to beginners. So, in the early stages of the game, a new Sprinter’s light cabin appeared, and the limits were raised to the number of details, so the players will acquire greater space in creating first cars. The starting chain of quests also became better – the number of tasks smoothly introducing new gamers into the world of the game has grown.

You will find details on the update on the official website Crossout.

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