In Dying Light, The First Event Began In The Framework Of The Month Of Events To The Five-Year Game

Polish Studio TECHLAND still does not want to part from the first Dying Light, Although the game this year has shucked five years! For the anniversary, developers and timed a series of in-game events, which will last a whole month – one Inta per week until March 19.

As the authors write, as part of the festive period, some of the previous common events and a personal order associated with “one of all the favorite characters will be returned to the game.

The first event has already started – during the week, until February 27, you will have a superhero Harran to dump zombies from the roofs using an improved cat and hunting jumpers to get a new drawing of C4 explosives created by the Fort Jefferson commander.

The following events will begin February 27, 5th and 12 March, respectively. Developers still do not reveal the details, but mention the number of future awards some insane outfit.

In addition, in the last update Dying Light Received a reduced level of complexity, or a plot mode, – it will suit those who want to focus on history and research. The main character becomes stronger and stronger, the forms are less dangerous, and the night – shorter.

In general, at least some consolation for the fans of the game is waiting for the continuation. Recall that DYING LIGHT 2 It was supposed to go out in the spring of 2020, but last month the action was postponed indefinitely – a new date of release is promised to voice in the coming months.

Original Dying Light Now they give in Steam at a discount of 67% – for 428 rubles. If you don’t have the games yet, it can be played for free for the next two days.

You May Think That We Have Forgotten About Our 5th Anniversary ..

Don’t Worry – We’re Getting Ready For A 4-Week-Long Party and Everyone’s Invited! WHO’s coming? PIC.Twitter.COM / 00YOPG4DCM

– Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) February 17, 2020

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