In Gog.Com Started A Big Winter Sale

Company CD Projekt long known for his generosity in terms of not only additions to The Witcher 3, But the digital distribution service GOG.Com. And now the moment came to prove it to all over the world.

From today, the store started (and lasted until December 13) the so-called annual big winter sale, after which your library is clearly replenished with a whole ton of all sorts of computer games. Because cheap.

Already now more than five hundred names available in GOG.COM with discounts that reach 90%. Well, to make it easier to navigate, the developers suggest that in the first 48 hours it is best to pay attention to special sets like Star Wars (series X-Wing And Tie Fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, Knights of the Old Republic I + II, Battlefront II both) and the classics from Lucasart (INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS, SAM & MAX HIT THE ROAD, Outlaws, The Secret Of Monkey Island both) who are currently worth 75-77% cheaper. And then the proposal will change.

Plus on the very first day almost give The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-50%), Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (-33%), Kerbal Space Program (-40%), Stasis (-fifty%), Rebel Galaxy (-25 / 33%), Victor Vran (-fifty%), Grandia II (fifty%), Metro 2033 REDUX And Last Light Redux (-75%).

And this is still not all naughty! Among other things, for just 99 rubles / piece GOG.COM is divided by its directory of detective games (in the “Mystery” genre), which are usually worth 669 to 2339 rubles.

Also note that each dollar spent spent during the large winter sale (or equivalent amount in rubles) will be postponed to a free copy Divine Divinity (when purchases in the amount of 319 rubles or more) and BlackGuards: Special Edition (when purchases in the amount of 3329 rubles or more).

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