In Spellforce 3, The Remake Timesplitters 2 Announced A Joke [Augmented]

Appendix from 15:05 Moscow time. In the comments for the press, representatives Thq Nordic assure that the announcement announcement TimeSplitters 2 across SPELLFORCE 3 – just a joke. “These easter eggs added exclusively fun for. When Koch Media And Deep Silver [Owners TimeSplitters within the family of companies Thq Nordic] will be ready to tell about TimeSplitters, You will definitely learn about it, “the company employee said.

In general, we return a step back: with TimeSplitters do something, but what exactly is unknown.

Original news. In the beginning of November Thq Nordic released Fallen God – Independent addition for SPELLFORCE 3. It turns out that the game was hidden by Easter, or that is comic, or a serious remake announcement TimeSplitters 2.

IN Fallen God There is a merchant who sells cards with games Thq Nordic. According to VGC, there is Biomutant, Remek Gothic, Reprint Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom And that remorse TimeSplitters 2 with the signature: “He finally comes out! An iconic shooter that endured checking time and goes to the era of modern games “.

Is it worth considering Easter to official confirmation? Open question! Formally Thq Nordic did not announce the remake TimeSplitters, However, in 2018, she acquired the rights to the franchise, and in 2019 invited one of the authors TimeSplitters, To “form the future” series with it. In general, the chances of the fact that the announcement is TimeSplitters 2 not a joke, very great.

TimeSplitters 2 – The highest part of the franchise. The game came out in the fall of 2002 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. During the campaign, the gamers had to visit ten time periods, but the focus was made on multiplayer modes – a cooperative, multiplayer and editor of the cards, where it was possible to create their location and play her with friends.

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