In The Next Dlc For Prison Architect, Prisoners Will Be Able To Receive In Prosecutors For Good Behavior

Prison control simulator Prison Architect It turned out to be sufficiently successful that his support lasted here for the fifth year after the release of the game from “Early Access” Steam. These are we to Double Eleven And Paradox interactive presented a free supplement Cleared for Transfer.

Home NEW DLC – Ability to translate prisoners in the sector with a lower level of security, provided that they comply with your requirements. Requirements and benefits, pushing the arrests to the appropriate behavior, you determine ourselves.

More opportunities are expected and in terms of quality control of prison cameras in your sectors. In addition, you can evaluate the yards, classrooms, relaxation rooms and new gyms.

In addition, you will allow you to create areas with user security sectors where prisoners can get with different levels of security. Also in the innovation list there are actions such as search, search for tunnels and blocking by security sector.

Cleared for Transfer will appear on May 14. On the same day update starts Bucket, Where new items, cosmetic settings and all kinds of improvements, as well as the simulated gym.

We Are Happy to Announce “Cleared for Transfer”: The Next Free DLC for Prison Architect, Available On May 14th! JOIN US LIVE ON HTTPS: // T.CO / 8Diozbhrxz Today AT 17:00 CEST (8 am PDT) to Find Out All About IT! / w1y118bwup

– Prison Architect (@PrisonArchitect) April 23, 2020
Now for different publications of the game in Steam there are big discounts. The offer will end tomorrow, April 24, at 20:00 in Moscow. At discounted cost give the following:

  • Standard Edition – 128 rubles (-75%).
  • Full edition Total Lockdown – 266 rubles (-64%).
  • Addition PSYCH WARD: WARDEN’S EDITION – 107 rubles (-31%).
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