In The Us, Two Nintendo Consoles Surpassed Sales Of Playstation 4 And Xbox One For October

Nintendo again proves that he knows how to make money. Analytical company NPD Group summed up the sales of sales in the United States for October and found out that the owners of Mario overtook competitors at the same time in several indicators.

Among the consoles over the past month in the United States, Nintendo SWITCH was best sold. Next for her in second place, SNES Classic Mini is a shame – a kind of reissue of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1990, fitted under the standards of modern TVs. Both devices bypass PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

But that is not all. Nintendo declares that in October its products (Nintendo Switch, SNES Classic Mini and Nintendo 3DS) took two thirds of sales of all game devices in the US. Happened this is the second month in a row.

NPD Group reports that sales of gaming devices for October for the first time since 2011 exceeded one million. Therefore Nintendo There are more than 650,000 consoles of different families.

Wherein NPD emphasizes that according to the total results of 2017 the most sold prefix in the US remains PlayStation 4. However, in November, “Black Friday” will be held – the wildest sales of the year. What to know, suddenly a device Sony will lose his throne in the States?

On the “Soft” front Nintendo everything is OK as well. According to NPD, the highest sales – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed: Origins And Super Mario Odyssey. Yes, that’s just the first two came on three platforms, and the latter – exclusive for Nintendo SWITCH. Besides, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War lying on the shelves throughout October, and Assassin’s Creed: Origins And Super Mario Odyssey Only last five days – both games appeared in stores on October 27.

So who is a real winner among sales games for October in the USA – question open.

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