“History of Abby” – New Trailer The Last Of US Part II

“History of Abby” – New Trailer The Last Of US Part II

Caution: Spoilers!

Abby – Let’s just say, not the most popular video game character this year. However, no matter how cool, it is assigned an important role in the plot THE LAST OF US PART II. Studio Naughty Dog and publishing house Sony decided to remember the heroine and dedicated her stories a separate video.

Recall some fans “One of us” Abbey was so much so that they began to send the authors of the sequel letters with threats. Actress went Laura Bayley (Laura Bailey), which depicted a conflicting character.

If you don’t know yet, because of what the whole boron cheese, we advise you to study our article with the analysis of the plot Part II. You can and without spoilers – here is a video review, but a text review.

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