It Is Necessary To Call On The Authors Of Kickstarter Projects To Justice, The Creator Of Dayz Believes

Recently, sad stories about how the developers have collected a decent amount on Kickstarter, but did not provide the promised results, they began to raise on us more and more. Literally the next day, Gamers disappointed the creator safely failed under Earth The Stomping Land, Not to mention the unfortunate Peter Molina (Peter Molyneux), who publicly sprinkled ashes, perfectly realizing that Godus It is unlikely that it will be as he promised people.

Of course, this problem attracted the attention of the most stern. For example, the most discerning creator Dayz Dean Hall (Dean Hall) believes that it is time to take any measures to not repeat such situations.

If We Wa Want Early Access & Kickstarter to Succeed As A Method of Funding Games We Need Accountability. Media and Gamers Are Huge Part in this

– Dean Hall (@ Rocket2Guns) February 19, 2015

It is worth noting that his own zombie sandbox is completed just at the means of gamers who decided to acquire the game within Steam Early Access, so some radical methods of New Zealander did not offer. Maximum Hall I advised to think about how to call for developers to justice for the projects financed on Kickstarter or in “Early Access” projects, to force them to report regularly.

Also, the gameidizer is convinced that the users and media themselves should be played. Here author Dayz, Apparently, hints that we should not throw money into dubious enterprises, and journalists should inform the public about unsuccessful ideas. Yes, just what to do with it seems to be proven studios like Double Fine Productions, which still manage to tighten the timing or not to perform the promised (about 22 Cans You already know)?

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