It Seems That Ea Is Preparing A Mobile Version Of Skateboard Skateboarding Simulator 3

Skateboarding simulator Skate from EA went out in the second half of zero. Last Release Series – Skate 3, started in May 2010. Since EA did not remember the franchise, but it seems that in recent months something has changed.

Jason Dill (Jason Dill) – a popular professional skater who recently visited the Podcast The Nine Club. From his words and became aware of the return Skate:

Somewhere Ten months ago I got a call from EA And they said: “We want to talk about games Skate” <..> Then a woman wrote to me and said something like: “Hey, Jason, we want to make a mobile version Skate 3”. I wrote in response and asked: “What else?” She answered: “This is all”. I answered: “Well, no offense, no one wants your stupid mobile version Skate 3. Make finally, Skate 4, bl ***!”
Dill tried to persuade EA Do new Skate: Like, such a game, of course, would not be sold in circulations like the biggest hits of the publisher, but would have become a valuable cultural phenomenon in the long run. Unnamed woman out of EA turned out to be adamant and said that the company is not going to produce the fourth part. “Well, good luck with you Need for Speed 29. I will not be in your stupid mobile game “, – finished conversation Dill.

In the same podcast Dill mentioned that a new one should come out soon Tony Havk’s about the scab. Rumors about it pop up in infopole for several months already, so that words Dila only fixable information.

Note that EA In its last financial report, he spoke about two new mobile games – they should start in the coming months. Maybe, Skate 3 just one of them. Formally Series Skate I have already looked at the phones: in 2007, the version for push-button devices came out, and in 2010 it appeared on iOS Skate IT – Spin-off, which was originally released on Nintendo DS in 2008.

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