James Mcavoy, Daisy Ridley And Willem Defo Talk About Creating 12 Minutes – Games About A Temporary Loop

The Collider portal has published a video in which the eminent actors involved in the voice acting of characters 12 minutes, share the impressions of the preparing project. Also, journalists talked to Louis Antonio (Luis Antonio) – artistic director of the game.

The roller shows how James McEvoy (James McAvoy), Daisi Ridley (Daisy Ridley) and Willem Defo (Willem dafoe) write the replicas of their characters. They told that it was extremely important to play roles well, because because of the appearance of persons, the heroes are not visible – all the playback falls into the voices. Still celebrities marked the variability of passage. “I could not master the whole script, it was impossible! Because in the game there are so many ways to develop the plot “, – amazed McEvoy.

Louis Antonio admitted that it was originally planned to make from 12 minutes a small game, but then thought: if you expand her a bit, then everything will become even more interesting. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, almost everything had to do remotely. For example, Antonio controlled the process of capturing the movement by video link.

According to the developer, he conceived a thriller with a view from above, as it would facilitate the character management. So B 12 minutes can play absolutely all. “Even when I threw more items, the reasons to change the corner of the camera did not appear”, – He speaks Antonio. Also developers and actors agree that such an approach gives pictures of cinematographicity.

History B 12 minutes spinning around a man locked in a time loop. He is forced to live once and the same day once – the day when a policeman declared to him with his wife, accused his husband to murder. The loop will not let go of the hero until he finds the way out of the situation.

Interactive thriller will be released on August 19, 2021 on PC (Steam) and Xbox.

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