Just Cause: Hints and Tips

In missions or just walking around the city, you can see helicopters, they are not too high, shoot them with a harpoon, the parachute will open, press (shift) to pull up and (s) that you did not fly under the helicopter. We pulled ourselves up and grabbed the helicopter and then press (e) and you will climb into the helicopter’s cockpit, it is at your disposal. This can be done with any type of transport, except perhaps fighters, it is very difficult to get a harpoon for them, but you can.

When jumping with a parachute, sometimes you want not to open the parachute, but just fall into the water, but be careful, if you fall close to the coast, you can crash on the bottom.

When there are a lot of enemies, use grenades very effectively, from 3 or more enemies.

While riding a fast boat, I noticed if I press (f) and open the parachute, the boat moves without you slowing down, quickly shoot the boat with a harpoon (better press the right mouse button and aim yourself, the auto sight does not usually help here) and we are with a breeze, hanging on the tail of the boat, we move in a slightly non-standard, but cool way.

In the last mission, where you need to kill Mendoza, you fly a fighter after his huge plane, which flies at about the same speed as your fighter, it is best to fly from above the plane, but not very high, when you slightly overtake it, then press ( e) and immediately jump out of the fighter, cling to the plane and climb into it. Wet a couple of teriks, then they will show a video and Mendoza will jump from the plane and you will follow him, you need to fly up to him close and press (e) to catch him in the air, fly up is the hardest part, but I was able to do it on 2 attempts.

This is my way of getting around town, not counting helicopters. I grab onto the car with a harpoon, then fly over the car and grab the next harpoon. Maybe not too fast, but fun.

The boat in the game can be obtained from the very beginning of the game. To do this, we sail farther from the coast (you can catch the harpoon on the helicopter and then jump out of it), call the PDA and the CIA boat will be available there.

Remember the mission where you need to blow up 6 fields with coca? First, try to blow up three fields, after that the helicopter starts chasing you. We take a harpoon, we cling to a helicopter, we climb and shoot the fields.

If a helicopter is chasing you, and you are driving a car, you can simply press the F button (trick button), then point your eyes at the helicopter with the mouse and press the space bar. The man jumps, although he even takes off rather like a superman and clings to the helicopter. And of course, then press the “e” button and your helicopter.

When enemies are around you (effective against Montano): throw a grenade so as not to wait – shoot it.

If you want to take over a government settlement or Montano, you can use a helicopter. Mission 2 can be completed as follows: on a motorcycle go to the boat (it is marked with a black dot on the map), ride a boat to the prison, you will see a fence. Go around it on the right, then quietly sneak past the sentries. Here you will have to get your pistols. Shoot the guy with his back to you, jump down to Karamikas. After the cutscene, go upstairs, killing the police on your way. When Karamikas throws you, run to the exit (DO NOT JUMP INTO THE WATER!), Then to the fence past the crowd of cops, go around it, get into the boat, swim ashore. Steal a car and get to the rebel camp on it. Mission completed!

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