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The easiest way to draw attention to the indie project is to create genur hybrid from it. A piece of strategy, a handful of RPG, Tolika Adventorchura and a little rhino on top – this is how the interest of the public, which always wants to try something like, “not yet frown,” as the unforgettable Strugatsky.

In case of Karmaflow “Rhino” became rock opera. Really incredible case: games, one way or another related to music, not news, but the compound of arcade with a more or less full-fledged structure of the musical can not be called a “common place”.

Note that to the opera part of the creators approached with all care: the team included such groups like Epica, Cradle of Filth, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy – widely known in more or less narrow circles. Music wrote Ivo Van Dyk (IVO Van Dijk), who has already managed to establish itself with the creation of the Rock Opera Equilibrio.Karmaflow: The Rock Opera VideoogameLighting Lights? No, this is a karma accumulated by our hero, so glows.
Karmic connections

The game begins with a brief hand drawn and spat brand. That is, in the frame – drawings, behind the scenes – the vocal background of the world. It features the guard of this very world with the “mounted” in hand conductor and his Muse-inspirator, who once thought that her lover makes too many mistakes in management, which means it would be better if she herself became local”King”. The guard began to hurt and insulting, cold and launching in his universe. Now our task is to find out the details of what happened, listen to both sides of the conflict, so that in the end to return the beauty, harmony and other useless things in the end. At the end of the chapter, we will have to make a choice of the pair of equally sad decisions, and then we will throw us into the next world, where we will do about the same thing, but already on a new example – with another guard that you fell into others, not the most pleasant conditions.

Why do we all do all this? The fact is that our strange hero is a certain anthropomorphic creature, which is called “Karma Guardian”. His destination is in that consist of: traveling from the universe to the Universe, to deal with problems and save worlds in trouble. He himself, by the way, the character without singing and in general without voice.

But everyone else express their experiences and thoughts exclusively through vocals. Stylistic sevisor of musical design amazes imagination: Next to a completely academic fragment may suddenly appear to appear “grumbler”, which, in turn, will change the standard melodraumatic ledgehtatic ary. It sounds all this variety is quite pleasant and fresh, but no melody is remembered, it doesn’t hit the memory, she does not want to hum – not too good sign for rock opera.

You all sang? This business…

Okay, we will assume that everything is clear with the opera part. Gameplay, unlike music, simple and uncomplication. Karmaflow – Rather puzzle than arcade, in fact. Game mechanics whole and completely built on manipulations with karma.Karmaflow: The Rock Opera VideoogameHere is this flying cape with cracked tentacles instead of the legs – Muse. She is inspired by you? Not? And the guards with the conductor stick instead of hand – inspires!
However, it is not necessary to think that we are talking about the mysterious debt before the universe, which we earn our heads from incarnation to the incarnation. Here karma – an orange glowing substance that fills different elements of the environment. Its, for example, may contain spitches, stones, huge lanterns, non-aggressive, but strange creatures that roam around, and even musical instruments.

Our hero can extract karma from all these objects and fill out other items – peculiar tanks. As a result, in location can, for example, grow a giant stem that performs the elevator functions. Or light lights. Or the drums that stood until then quietly and sadly, start playing.

In most cases, the actions with karma are needed to solve puzzles – very simple and therefore not too interesting. As a rule, we immediately understand what you need to do, but we can long and tediously search for the terrain of the sixth harp, which you need to activate with the help of orange “energy” to turn on the lift. Or also boring and sadly overlook from the lantern to the lantern, stumbling about the needles sent by the next “boss” in our direction. If a collision with a pair of needles killed, the task would be much more interesting – but, alas, our character in such a battle is absolutely nothing threatened.

Otherwise, our actions look quite familiar to the puzzle platformer. Jumping, jogging on unstable surfaces, as a special bonus – the skill is not to fully fly, but, in any case, plan on air flow. Preserved independently after somewhere dreamed-of-flying, by the way, it is impossible: only the control points that are scattered around the world are not so thick, as I would like.Karmaflow: The Rock Opera VideoogameNot too familiar model of harp. From the point of view of acoustics, it cannot sound at least some decent, but the sound design seems to tell us: To hell with the laws of acoustics!
At the same time, if playing in Karmaflow not too exciting, then listen to music accompanying us in various locations, on the contrary, is very nice. Unlike a somewhat alien in relation to the genre of the Ary of all kinds, the background ambient is completely unconditionally wonderful.

Crawling out of the texture, was the keeper very angry

An excellent addition to the audience becomes graphics. The main character looks amazingly futuristic, and locations and guards, on the contrary, very fantasy, weathered perfectly in another, but not less fascinating stylistics. Particularly deeply, the feeling of gloomy and emptiness is transmitted in the second world, in which it seems there is only fog and a giant coughing grass. Some kind of life will be warm only in stone idols filled with karma.

Impression somewhat spoils jams in textures. Our character fails under the elements of the landscape quite often in order to make a lot of nerves. Especially when as a result you have to return to the next checkpoint – and it turns out that this checkpoint was just before simple, but a tedious battle with the “boss” or the final fulfillment of a no less tedious puzzle. The need to pass the same thing on the second time, when and the first thing was not too extinguished, literally cut to the root desire to continue the game.Karmaflow: The Rock Opera VideoogameAll the same!***
Karmaflow – ambiguous project. Perhaps he would be much better if the gameplay was simply less if he were more awarded to the main dish than the main dish himself. So often recently done with Adventors type “Interactive Cinema”. Obviously, for the authors of the Hybrid Rock Opera and Arcade, the main thing was Rock Opera, but not arcade at all. As a result, everything that relates to music and a video, – very nice, gladly looks and listened. But everything that relates to the game directly, – sad, sad and imperative.

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