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It is not clear who and why I decided so late to release the game based on Kill La Kill, But the fact remains the fact – fans, which except the anime ending in 2014 and a small manga adaptation did not receive anything connected with this universe, can be pleased. Collective A + Games and publishing house Arc System Works Prepared a gift for fans of crazy history Ryuko Maty and Satsuki Kiryuine – Arched Fighting KILL LA KILL – IF, with familiar characters, frank costumes, insane transformations, but with a changed plot line.

Crush and Cromsai

The campaign events begin with the eighth Anime series, in which the general election of the Hannezzi Academy approached the end and Rüko had to fight with representatives of the elite fourth. The developers clearly did not count on the fact that an audience unfamiliar with history suddenly wants to play in IF, Therefore, the plot of beginners will only be understood very vaguely. It is definitely not worth starting to get acquainted with this universe from the air passage – and some will see characters earlier than it should, and in general anime is wonderful and in many ways unique, do not miss it.

IF almost chamber repeats everything that happened in the Academy before the elections and after them, but after a few minutes the viewers of the series will begin to notice inaccuracies. This is due to the fact that the game tells another, an alternative story in which actors the same, but events are either strongly accelerated, or pass on another scenario. Animation studio has participated in the development Trigger, Which calls the plot IF canonical and suggests to consider it another bonus episode.

Campaign lasts less than four hours and divided into two parts. In the first main heroine, Satsuki becomes, in the second, we are seeing what is happening from Ryuko. Although some episodes are repeated, in most cases when playing Ryuko, you will still get into other locations and fight with other opponents. Both characters have moments when for the whole chapter to play for them not allowed at all, and you are watching the rollers on the engine. Fortunately, such chapters are not very much – it is most often forced to fight, and it is often against you not one opponent, but at once two or in general hundred.Kill La Kill The Game: IF Game ReviewScreenshots in the scene mode after the first chapter are prohibited, so here is the image of Ryuko and Mako.
When the two-dimensional anime is transferred to 3D, the result may turn out to be deplorable – in the same, forgive the Lord, JUMP FORCE Part of the characters look great, and part is frightening, with their scattered eyes and strange hairstyles. KILL LA KILL – IF survived the transformation perfectly – the modelings are drawn in such a way that the game really reminds the revived anime. The angles during the rollers are selected in such a way that 3D is not distinguished from 2D, and the same can be said about attacks during the battle. Heroes fully comply with their types in anime: Nui is still the same annoying, Gamagori still causes fear and respect thanks to the opportunity to change in the amount, even Mako could be funny to animate (sorry, to play for it can not yet – you need to wait for free DLC).

There are few of them, but they are evil

The desire to please the fans noticeably in the game process. Rostutor here, frankly, tiny – ten fighters (two of which are alternative styles Ryonko and Satsuk9). This is too small, especially with regard to the cost of the game. If takes no hero of heroes on each other – they act completely differently and have unique techniques. Hamagori, as in the series, beats himself with a vacuum or counts on the opponent’s attacks, thereby increasing the power. NUE Creates its own copies, Hoki has an enemy analysis indicator, which, when filling, gives him new abilities. It is a pity that the orchestra Nonon does not appear during its attacks, but the musical techniques (with the soundtrack changing in the process) is fully.

All the heroes have two attack buttons (most often near and far, although there are exceptions), a separate block of the block with the ability to make a jerk, as well as a slow blow, breaking the protection of the enemy and briefly leaving you vulnerable. Well, without a jump it did not cost – some combinations are performed in the air, others can be used only on Earth. All this is explained during training, however, when after that you enter the list of techniques during the battle, there you find much more information. And there is a short character description, and a bunch of combo is painted – you all start trying and understand that the combat system is much deeper than it seems at first glance.Kill La Kill The Game: IF Game ReviewTraining mode offers many settings to make it easier to prepare for this battle.
The most interesting feature is the SP scale, located under the scale of the player’s health. Do it have several. First, in the presence of two cells out of four, you can interrupt an unexpected combo opponent to keep your life. The scale is gradually restored not only when damage is applied, but also upon receipt. Secondly, with the same two cells, it will be possible to activate one of three strong combinations, climbing L1 simultaneously and any attack button.

Logical and methodic

But the main thing is why the SP scale is needed is the so-called heroic improvements (VALOR ENHANCEMENTS): pressing L1 and R1, you activate the special mechanics of Bloody Valor, if it crushed by the appointment. In this case, “Battle” starts, resembling the game “Stone, scissors, paper”: Each participant of the match presses one of the three buttons – the application of a large damage to the enemy, the restoration of the SP scale or health recovery. One button wins the other and loses the third, and in case of winning, the fight initiator repeats the process along with the enemy until he chooses the right button and will not stop all this.

Mechanics are simple, but the multiplayer battles it makes much more interesting – here you need to literally read the opponent, prevailing his actions. If you have almost no health and you launch Bloody Valor, it is logical that you want to return “life” and stretch the process. But the smart opponent will understand and block your attack, having deprived you of the opportunity to continue the battle. Therefore, you can try to deceive it and punish for prudency. It will be possible to do the same in the event that you have so much health, – you could hardly press this button, and here such a surprise.

There are three levels of heroic improvements here, and on the third character gets a powerful ability, one blow destroying the enemy. All this is accompanied by a beautifully drawn video, in which the hero uses the features of his costume, but in practice it will be possible to use this opportunity very rarely. However, other levels of improvement turn out to be useful – for example, at the first Ryuko increases the speed and increases damage from some attacks, and the Hamagori expands the energy scale for the torture and other bonuses appear.Kill La Kill The Game: IF Game ReviewDuring the Bloody Valor, the literal sense of verbal vessels begins.
As a result KILL LA KILL – IF And it looks great and played perfectly. The combat animations of the heroes are a bit dorgan, which makes fights like fights in anime, and powerful attacks necessarily predeter the spectacular inserts with screams and interference on the screen, as was in the series. Music accompaniment and beautiful – in the campaign constantly hear both familiar melodies and excellent new compositions. Here, even the size and shape of the arenas are different – there are square, there are round, there are big and small. Since part of the attack imprints the enemy into an invisible wall, which makes it motionless and allows you to continue combo, even at the same hero tactic may vary depending on location.

Chicken wounds

The flaws of the game flow out of its price – $ 60, which equals the value of a full-fledged large-budget release. Rostutor, as I said, ridiculously small – even when Mako and DTR will add to the game for free, the list of characters will remain tiny. This is compensated for how they do not care about each other in the gameplay, and in the anime itself heroes are not so much, but still. It would be fun to see the leaders of the tennis and boxing clubs – they appear in anime for a few minutes, but they have enough costumes enough to come up with unusual techniques and abilities.

The high price for sure will negatively affect the multiplayer, which turned out to be surprisingly stable. I won about 15 matches, and there was never a “lagging” nightmare, although opponents probably came across from my region. Some “braces” occur before the start of battle, when the characters are demonstrated, but after that, either everything goes as smoothly as possible, or literally two or three times the game hangs for a split second. Judging by the actions of opponents in such situations, they had the same thing at these moments, so everyone remains in an equal position. The choice is offered both ordinary and rating battles.

If the multiplayer ever stalls, in addition to the story campaign, which can be rebuilt on different difficulties for the sake of high marks, there are several other modes. In “survival” you fight one on one with random rivals, carrying the stock of your health and the SP scale on the next fight. The level of heroic improvements also remains, but over time decreases. In other similar modes, you fight with coatings (revived clothes – who watched, he will understand): Either trying to destroy as many enemies as possible in a minute, or you can cope with a hundred as soon as possible, either bend infinitely. All this is funny until you choose the trophy bonus modes associated with bonus modes – after that it is hardly to return to them.

Inserts not only look great, but not last for too long.
However, in the scene mode, it’s so great recreated an insane and drive atmosphere anime, and in a multiplayer I spent the time with such pleasure that to put a low estimate KILL LA KILL – IF does not work. Yes, the price is too high, and the publisher has jeopardized the development of online component. Yes, Rostutor is too small. But how interested the developers were interested in the high-quality transfer of the universe anime to the game, it is difficult not to notice. Random passers-by who knows nothing about Roiko, Satsuki and the Honnji Academy, there is nothing to do here, and if you watched the series, then at least a discount to get acquainted with the game.

Pros: healthy recreated atmosphere anime;Visual style is very similar to serial, although it is made in 3D;Different battle styles for characters;Interesting combat system;stable and cheerful multiplayer with ordinary and rating matches;Availability of Japanese and English voicing with all the original actors.

Minuses: Too high price may entail the online component;fighters are not enough, even if you replenish the list almost some.

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