Killing Floor 2: Advice (Hacking Level Up With “CE”)

Dgrow up, here for three days free weekend KF2 rolled out,

decided to run, but pump lvl for hours,

lazy, so let’s hack.

    • We launch any map in offline mode, you can go to the server, but there is no pause.
    • Choosing the class that we will pump –
    • We look at how much experience we have – “147”, go to “CE” and find values ​​in the 4th byte type – 
    • We return to the game, get some experience – 
    • We filter out the values ​​in “CE” – 
    • Now the most interesting thing, we throw the found value into the editing table, click on it, press the combination – Ctrl + B, we open a table, so that it would be easier to navigate in it, press the combination – Ctrl + 6, then scroll down a couple of times and see values ​​- All these values ​​are responsible for each lvl you receive, change them all to the number 2.
    • Actually that’s all, we return to the game, run, kill mobs and instantly get up to 25 lvl. 

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– I don’t know, you use it at your own risk.

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