Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Advice (Easy Money, 20-80k per game night)

Many people know that when meeting the miller Peshek, he can give a mission that will reveal to you the dark side of earning in the game, i.e. theft and burglary. Here’s how easy it is to make HUGE SIZES by picking locks.

So, first we need:

1) pick all the locks until we reach level 15, after which we will be able to pick very difficult locks (yes, this is not such a small level, but to reach it, in fact, is not difficult, it only takes time)

2) Find clothes in which you will be inconspicuous and silent (you can just run naked, the visibility will be 50, and the Noise will be 0, for night outings this is the most).

3) you can get a horse with more or less good carrying capacity (also learn the skill and buy bags for the horse) to simplify the transfer of things

4) stock up on a few saves to save before each raid (just in case)

After you have reached level 15, we wait for the night and move to Ratai, first of all we break open the armorer and armorer, then as you want and as in time it will be until dawn (the armorer has a warehouse on the ground floor in the closet, if you go from the forge, then immediately to the left, there are 3 chests with a very complex lock; at the armored man on the second floor, the easiest way is to go from the back of the building, there is just a staircase to the second floor and there to the right, also 3 chests) we break open and everything that can be loaded onto a horse, preferably rob one, load on a horse and run to the Peshek, then go back to the second + run..

Okay, we seem to have figured out this .. but magic begins with the Peshek, he has the same chest that is located outside the door in the nearest house to the left of your house .. We put everything in Peshek’s chest and repeat the robberies until dawn comes.

As soon as people start to get up, the simplest thing is left, just go to bed, get enough sleep or sleep for an hour – it’s up to you, get out of bed, go to Peshek’s chest, tadaaa, he sold everything at full price and there is a large amount of money in the chest, I have the maximum it turned out 83k in 1 night.

Possible “bugs” of this method:

1) money may not appear immediately, but it will appear later

2) If the Pawn notices that you are climbing into his chest, then the guards will require 3 times more money than you took from his chest for ALL THE TIME OF THE GAME. if you have my situation, where you earned 200k like that and burned, then the guard will require 600k, you are unlikely to pay it off in an honest way.

 P.S. I found the method myself, if something like this has already been written somewhere, I ask you not to throw tomatoes (I did not find such information on the internet)

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