Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Advice (How to Win Races at Talmberg)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Advice (How to Win Races at Talmberg)

For many, I think, this quest, namely “Royal Sport”, caused a sickly burning sensation below the waist. The control in the game, to put it mildly, is clumsy, especially on horseback, the opponents are fierce, and for many, the game also lags a lot. All this leads to frequent collisions with trees, getting stuck in fences and other unpleasant moments that take up an already limited time.

So, for those who do not mind cheating, I can advise you to use the speedhack in CheatEngine with a coefficient of 0.25. In slow-mo it is much easier to pass the races, and at the last stage, on the way to Talmberg to the finish line, do not jump straight along the road, but turn left from the castle up the slope along a shallow stream – this is the shortest way.

Who has not used CheatEngine, I can briefly describe the principle of operation: Download, install, run, select the game process, activate the speedhack (in the right edge of the program window) and set the desired value.

Download Cheat Engine from our server you can here.

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