Kingdom Come: Deliverance is preparing to “Global Announcement”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is preparing to “Global Announcement”
Ambitious role-playing game about realistic medieval Kingdom Come: Deliverance Live and healthy. Publishing house Deep Silver And Studios Warhorse Prepare for E3 2017 and heated the public with fresh teaser.

Roller shows landscapes of the game, detailed developed settlements and majestic castles. But the most important thing is the day of a certain “Global Announcement”. Wait for news on June 9.

Probably, the Global Announcement will be the release date. With her u Kingdom Come: Deliverance There are difficulties. Warhorse I wanted to release the game first on PC, and then on consoles, but then I talked with my publisher and decided to postpone the computer release to release the game at the same time on all three platforms. Perhaps the authors finally picked up the right day?..

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