Chinese clone Overwatch – not a game at all

Chinese clone Overwatch – not a game at all
A few days ago, a fragment of the Gameplay of the Sample of the Chinese Gamenom called appeared in the network called Legend of Titan, which became famous for the fact that without the revelation of conscience copies the multiplayer now Overwatch.

Fans, of course, was immediately prepared to see how the toothy sharks of jurisprudence Activision Blizzard Torn in the shreds of fucking. However, it seems to be deftly twist.

In an interview with the local press, one of the producers Legend of Titan said, they say, the studio in no way encroaches on the Lavra Overwatch. And not even going to do money on his project. Developers only took advantage of familiar characters, cards, mechanics created by Blizzard Entertainment, To demonstrate investors our own technology designed for browser and mobile games.

With all this, the Chinese for some reason are not going to stop production Legend of Titan, But they promise that the final version of the shooter will look in general in a different way (they are only a little inspiration draw from Overwatch prototype).

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