Koreans Come To Homefront

Company Kaos Studios (owned THQ) announced a new FPS called HomeFront, whose action will unfold in the United States captured by the militant-minded northern Koreans. Apparently testing of nuclear weapons by North Korea seriously scared developers. The game that is going to show on the coming E3 is preparing for the exit for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The action unfolds ten years after the economic catastrophe, literally destroyed the United States, namely in 2027 year. About any military power of the country speech does not go. In the world now there is a new supersila – North Korea. The player will have to observe how members of American resistance fight with invaders on their territory. We are an interesting plot line, full of drama and bright personalities. Of course, in addition to the single-user campaign, there will be multiplayer modes.

“HomeFront differs from most American militants in that it is not to fight on someone else’s territory and not with a fictional enemy like alien invaders. Everything is real. War goes at your home and with a really existing opponent. Your goal is not to conquer and not free someone, but just try to survive. You will see what can really happen. And you will learn how people behave in such situations “, – says one of the developers, David Voltka (David votypka).

BUT Kevin Kraff (Kevin KRAFF), Vice President THQ Marketing adds: “Kaos Studios is working on the game whose action takes place in the near future. Once a mighty nation must fight for their right to exist. It seems to me that we are waiting for a very emotional and serious game. “. By the way, the game works on the plot John Milius (John Milius), famous for such works as “Apocalypse Today” And “Red Dawn”.

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