Funcom course grows

Funcom course grows
Someone desperately trying to return to its shares a decent course so that they are not shuffled with stock trading (aha, THQ), and Norwegian FunCom, On the contrary, he is experiencing their rapid takeoff. Over the summer of last year, her paper walked five Norwegian crowns (about one dollar), and now they disagree well in twentieth.

But this is not the limit – analysts do not doubt that the release of MMORPG The Secret World The value of the company’s shares will still increase … However, familiar with the history of their course is only ironically smirking. After all, in the summer of 2008, accurate to release Age of Conan The same papers cost as much as 55 crowns. However, not the greatest success of the game later lowered their price to 2.fifty. So these are those still swing.

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