Lan Support, Pile Of Settings And Rattainsing After Release – Video About Halo Infinite For Pc

Infinite – First part Halo, which will be released on PC and XBOX in one day. Developers from 343 Industries assure that computer players are waiting for a full-fledged PC version, not a console port. Details – In the Fresh Roller.

The authors mention the following features Halo Infinite For PC:

  • Many settings graphics, control, sound and availability. For example, you can set the minimum frame rate value – probably the game will support it using a dynamic resolution. In the control settings allow you to assign one action to three buttons.
  • Full support for the aspect ratio of the screen 21: 9 – and during the gameplay, and in the cat-scenes the picture expands horizontally, and not clipped vertically.
  • Support AMD Freesync Premium Pro – technology eliminating image breakdowns.
  • Ray trace support (appears after a while after starting Infinite).
  • Efficient use of processors with lots of kernels and threads.
  • Anti cheat.
  • One of the lowest input delays in the industry.
  • Cross Play between all PC sites and consoles.
  • Three rating playlists – for playing gamepad, for playing on the keyboard with mouse and mixed.
  • Cross Progress in Campaigns and Multiplayer.
  • Support for LAN servers to which you can connect including from the console.
  • Seamless integration with Xbox Live ecosystems, Discord and Steam.

PC version Infinite Developed with support AMD. Since iron from this company is installed in Xbox, some improvements originally created for computers are also introduced into the console version. As part of the partnership AMD Releases limited edition Radeon RX 6900 XT video card with symbols Halo Infinite.

Release games scheduled on December 8.

Overview video about PC version.

AMD RADEON RX 6900 XT Trailer with Halo Infinite Branding.

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