Land of the Dead / Road to Fiddler’s Green: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

They found a secret in the game: if you see a book that says Kung fu zombies, be sure to take it. The hero will say that he knows kung fu and will be very very very cool
fight with your fists! Caution! If you take a melee weapon, then you will lose the Shaolin monk’s abilities, and the book will disappear into oblivion..
One such book is on a mission, where you need to clean up the neighbors’ house, go up to the second floor, there is a room in the first door to the left, there is a girl Zombyara in it. See
in the closet.

If you stand on some kind of hill (for example, a car), then the zombies will not “notice” you, they look like they and will freeze in one place.

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