Left 4 Dead: Council (Gold Medal in Survival Mode)

In many survival maps, there are high places that you would really like to climb, sit quietly and shoot back from zombies and end up getting a gold medal. Almost on every map in (survival) mode there is a grenade launcher, with the help of it you can fly to tall buildings if there is no invisible barrier there =). This is done like this: 1) It will take 2 people.
2) One of them should take a grenade launcher and the other should take whatever he wants, but best of all a sniper =)
3) Then you need to find a small hill (something no more than a dumpster height) next to the building you want to fly into
4) Then, the one who with a sniper climbs onto the container to the very edge so that the whole body sticks out)
5) The one who sits under it with a grenade launcher
6) And the one who jumps on top
7) The one who is under him should shoot at his feet during his jump and if it turns out another will fly very high in flight, they also need to rule (awds)
Immediately it may not work, you need to practice a little =)!

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