Left 4 Dead: Tips and tactics for the game

The game can be played in different ways. When leaving the shelter, you can run forward along the location as far as possible, turn off the flashlight, and shoot zombies, only those that are on your way. At some point, all the zombies will end, we go quietly and wait for a big wave of zombies with fat men, smokers and hunters in this one bloody pie at once. If there is a grenade, we throw it aside. The result – less ammo wasted, farther and faster passed. We go further, again zombies wander in different corners, we run again. It is better to always have a grenade on hand and find a rifle with a folding stock – it shoots quickly, far, and in the vicinity it can knock down up to five mutazoids if they are in a handful.

The second way to complete the game is to kill everyone from afar. We saw zombies, we shoot by crouching in short bursts one at a time. With this tactic, the waves of zombies will be smaller, or even generally only in those places where the plot intended. It is better to have an M-16 or a sniper, the “emka” has 50 rounds, and the sniper kills two zombies with one shot if they are on the same level in your sight. Be sure to have a grenade or Molotov cocktail with you. We just throw it into the crowd, and the grenade needs to be protected in case of a wave of zombies or in places with limited visibility (for example, a large location where you have not yet entered, and you do not see zombies, but you hear – you throw as far as possible, and they are from everyone corners climb).

The game has a well-thought-out intellect that controls both individual zombies and a crowd at once. If you are two meters from the zombie, do not run and do not poke a flashlight in his face, he may not notice you. It’s better not to touch the witch at all, you can just crawl quietly and that’s it. If you are waiting for a wave, then when you see them, you should not run back or to the sides and shoot, counter-strike tactics do not work: move away from your own – they will shred you badly or even knock you down. It is better to stand still with the rest of your comrades, somewhere in a corner or at some obstacle, so that you are not surrounded. Remember one more thing! The intellect of the game calculates at what level you play, how quickly you deal with the enemy, how many cartridges and lives you have, and taking all this, it calculates how many zombies to set on you and where to release the tank during the game, by the way, you you may not meet him at all until the final battle. Use all available means: fire extinguishers, cans of gasoline (blocking the path of zombies with fire) and propane cylinders. In case of hopelessness – push away zombies, climb any hill, or hide in rooms, closing doors behind you. Dare!

1. The best weapon in the game is the shotgun. Shoots far and can kill several zombies at once!
2. Use a Molotov cocktail more often – throw it into the very cluster of zombies.
3. If you are attacked by a whole bunch of zombies, the easiest way is to first fight them off (right mouse button), and then give them a bullet.

The characters in the game, despite the fact that they are completely different, do not have special characteristics. All Persians are equal and differ only in appearance and character.


Bill is a former military man. An experienced warrior, strict and intelligent, dressed in a military uniform with a cap that does not fall. From the video, you might think that he is the commander of this detachment. However, there is no commander in the game. Players work together and do not command each other.

Zoya is the only girl in the game. For a female audience, this is a pretty attractive character. Zoya looks 16-20 years old, female character, although very brave (according to the video). Dressed in a pink jacket.

Francis is a biker. Muscular, tattoos and formal clothes, the character is outwardly strong. Although the character is disgusting, in battle you will wish that this cruel and narrow-minded person was nearby than an army of hungry zombies…

Louis is a typical black office worker. Tie, white shirt, business pants, boots. Emotional character (remember how in the video he did not think and rushed after the helicopter, almost dying).


A simple zombie is a dull, completely unreasonable opponent. They may not notice you from a distance of 5-10 meters. They die from one shot (depending on where), however, they make up for their weakness in quantity. By the way, the game has such a feature that depending on where you are, simple zombies look different. For example, in the city – people are like people, and in the hospital – doctors and patients with bare asses.

Fat Man is a fat and nasty zombie. He does not know how to kill, but he can pour slime, thereby forcing simple zombies to attack the splattered player, regardless of whether they are there or not. There is – they will run. No – they will come running from afar. Dies quickly. When he dies, don’t stand near: it sprinkles with the same mucus.

Hunter is a zombie that looks very much like a parkour. Jacket with a hood, knee-length shorts, sneakers. Weak in life (although livelier than a fat man), but has the ability to jump high / far / quickly. If you see a hunter (in a heap you can not distinguish him, but he loudly and shrilly shouts and crouches) – keel right away! The hunter’s special attack is the squat attack. He crouches, aims, and then instantly jumps a great distance and screams (just a fast zombie from HL2). Having jumped on the player, he knocks him down, sits on top and begins to tear to shreds. If you do not help the “nailed” player within half a minute, he will die.

The smoker is a zombie whose cough is so hopeless that you want to call 911. The smoker is good at climbing walls, pipes and so on. A special attack is that he releases a long (10-20 meters) and thick (5-10 centimeters) tongue and pulls the tied player towards him, away from other people. And while people figure out what happened, the weaker zombies will tear apart the man pulled out of the team..

The tank is a very strong and big enemy. The muscles of the tank will scare even Nikolai Valuev. One hit (on an easy level) takes about 1/3 of life and in addition knocks the player 5-10 meters away and it takes him about five seconds to get up. Dies for a long time and appears only when the zombie team blows heavily.

The witch is the most powerful enemy in the entire game. The witch does not follow people like other zombies, but sits somewhere in a dark place (toilet, pantry, etc.) and cries. Cries tightly. When she is close, scary and slow music plays. If it occurs to you to find it, think twice. The cartridges must be protected, and you will spend a lot of them on the witch. The witch attacks on three occasions. If you shoot at her, if you devote a flashlight to her and if you get too close. When approaching, he looks with glowing yellow eyes and growls. Attacks the one who scared her (who – will be written on the screen) and knocks him down with 1 hit and starts finishing off (on easy) or immediately kills (on hard).


The M-16 assault rifle is the only assault rifle in the game. There are 50 rounds in a clip, 360 in a spare wheel. A rifle shooting well and far enough. However, when shooting quickly, it shoots slightly to the sides, which is sometimes useful when meeting a bunch of zombies that have stood in a line.

The sniper rifle does not open immediately. 15 rounds in a clip and some in stock. Accurate, long-range, powerful weapon with a telescopic sight. Suitable for destroying zombies at long distances, but useless in real combat.

The Uzi is a pretty good weapon. Rapid fire and accurate. 50 rounds per clip, 480 (or so) in stock. If you have nothing to do, take an ultrasound. Useful in all situations, if not for too much damage.

There are two types of shotguns in the game. This is a pump-action shotgun, which must be reloaded after each shot with 8 rounds in the clip, as well as a powerful military shotgun that shoots very quickly (without reloading) and, unlike the pump-action, has 10 rounds in the clip. Shotguns always have the same number of spare rounds – 128 pieces. Suitable for close-range combat, but against clumping opponents – in general, it’s better nowhere (especially the military version). If you love power and strength – take a shotgun.

There is only one type of pistols in the game. Just the use is different. You can carry either one pistol (15 rounds) or two at once (30 rounds, respectively). For pistols, the number of spare ammunition is INFINITE, due to which, if you run out of supplies of the main weapon, you can defend well with pistols.

The game also has grenades that lure simple zombies (helps against a large number of enemies and saves ammunition), Molotov cocktails that set enemies on fire (recommended against witches and tanks), first-aid kits (heals well). You can heal both yourself (LMB) and allies (RMB), painkillers (like a first-aid kit, only gives health for a while), as well as holding any weapon or object in your hands, you can hit with a butt or fist (sometimes kills the enemy, and sometimes stuns).

Speaking of death. If one of the people is killed, then soon the other players will find him closed in a room or closet (or wherever else – the person will fight, scream, and we see through the walls in a red color).

And again another loophole. In the Death in the Air campaign on the second map, again, it is not necessary to call a crowd. Namely, do not touch the tap. We just jump onto the ventilation, from it to the fence, from the fence to another fence and from it we jump to the next house to the gray box in the wall. If everything is correct, then you will steadily stand on it. Next, we jump from the box onto the pipes that are at the corner of the building. And from there to the building. If you play with bots, then run further along the map as soon as possible – then the bots will move to you by themselves.

In the third chapter of the No Mercy campaign, there is one way to get through the elevator without causing a crowd. In general – just don’t turn on the elevator. You can blow up the gas station, kill everyone, but don’t touch the elevator. Go to the door (shown in the screenshot) and start hitting it with the butt. If all four are real people, you will crash quickly. If bots – then they will not beat, you have to sweat alone. In this case, quickly press on the blow with the butt and Q. As a result, the door will collapse and you will calmly pass on.

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