“Legends: Legacy Of Dragons”: Hot Autumn 2011

This year we celebrated the opening of FEO Quad. We fought for the treasure of the Haldebore. We defended the FEO in the grand battle with the sealing of darkness. This fall in the world of FEO will truly hot: meet the largest update for the entire five-year history “Legends: Legacy of Dragons” – Runet’s most popular browser game!

FEO froze in anticipation of changes, so it is now the best time to start your way to glory and power. On “FEO-kvad”, recently open fourth server “Legends”, Before starting the update, the maximum level of heroes is limited to 6 levels. This is an excellent chance without interference and extra fuss to prepare for exciting autumn adventures!

Very soon, the heroes are to travel to new, unknown lands, stretching south of custodiated areas of FEO. Adventures will throw crosses on the islands and in ocean depths, major cities and untouched forest civilization, abandoned mines and other full dangers and beauty of the place. On these travels, the fighters will be able to grow up to level 20 and armed with Luki – for the first time in “Legend”!

Another long-awaited autumn premiere of autumn will be clan wars. Daily on the remote island of clans converge in an uncompromising battle, earning a rating and a place in one of three leagues: bronze, silver or gold. Winners of this Grand Competition are determined once a month.

New lands hide not only unprecedented enemies, but also allies. On the way to the power, players will meet with new factions, ready to cooperate with heroes. As adopted in the world of FEO, each faction is taking into account the reputation of the hero, opening new tasks and rewards.

Detailed update information is waiting on the official website of the game. Starting the update is scheduled for the second half of September. May be bless you mighty siara!

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