LEGO Legacy – the first game on the famous designer of the RPG genre is already available for download

Gameloft Studio, one of the leaders in the development and publication of mobile games, announces the release of LEGO Legacy. This is the first project by a famous designer in the RPG genre. The game covers the 40-year history of LEGO mini-figures, allows you to collect a collection of more than 50 characters and take part in fun battles. The plot of the game tells about the events in the ruined village of Piptown, which can be rebuilt by the efforts of the players. The game is available on iOS, Android, as well as in the Microsoft Store. LEGO Legacy supports cross-play.

Each mini-figure has a unique set of skills and abilities, which gives room for tactical decisions. Players explore amazing locations inspired by the legendary LEGO series such as LEGO City and LEGO Castle. And they can even collect their favorite sets in the game by following the instructions.

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