Letter Pewdiepie Answered Haters Who Are Unhappy With His Wealth

Like you or not, but PewDiepie – almost the most popular video block man on the planet. More than 37 million people are signed on his youtube channel. Of course, the Swedish lesson earns very well. The other day it turned out that in 2014 about 7 million dollars accumulated in his piggy bank. However, many of this amount were very surprised, and some she brought himself so much that a small scandal broke out. Like, they say, where justice, why for some video with screams on camera, a person gets such money?!

An explosive reaction, in turn, was surprised himself Felix Chelberg (Felix Kjellberg) (real name Pewdiepie). So he decided to write a video where he talked to the Internet about money.

I avoided this topic for several years, it seemed to me, it doesn’t matter. I just want to make funny videos. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate money. I’m not going to pretend that they are not important for me, they are important for everyone, – Talks Felix. – It seems that people do not fully realize – I have more than 9 billion views on the channel, I have advertising. Naturally, she brings income“.

Pewdiepie is perplexed why suddenly so many people counted their financial independence to comment on their debt. In the past, the Letter arranged a charitable collection, where about a million dollars accumulated, but few people paid attention to. But now its revenues last twenty scattered throughout the network.

Ends the Swede’s thought: “I do not think that there are weighty reasons why strangers should worry about my money. Moreover, finances do not worry me. Thank you so much fans, but even if I were not so popular, I would still love to do what I do now“.

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