Life Is Strange: Before Storm: Overview Of The Video Game

It rarely happens that all episodes in the game divided into several parts are good. Perhaps that is why developers from Deck Nine offered to buyers Life is Strage: Before Storm Three chapters instead of the usual 5. They wanted to make a prequel, told about several fragments from the life of Chloe and Rachel, and did not stretch the story for a tette. And they did the right.Life Is Strange: Before Storm Game ReviewStepfather does not leave attempts to make friends with chloe.

In vain skepticism

The authors had a difficult task – to explain why Rachel made so much noise in the town of Arkady Bay. Who she was for Chloe and, because of what that constantly remembers her? Why all the inhabitants in the district know about her and at every corner you can find posters with her image? Past original Life Is Strange It was not known about the heroine practically nothing, but in the bed, much explains in detail.

At first glance, Rachel seems a typical school superstar. It receives excellent marks in all subjects, performs the main role in the play and attracts the attention of fans and envious. But almost nothing does it make it truly happy. Chloe is also trying to find his place in this world, but it is almost the complete opposite of Rachel: Walking lessons, violates public order and is one step from the deductions.

It would seem that it can bind so different characters? Scripts are greatly explained, so the relationship of girls does not seem to be attracted by the ears. Both heroines see each other that the rest do not notice, but in the first episode in the emotional cocktail add a pinch of a family drama. Chloe, as we know, the father died in the accident, and the mother found himself a new lover and allowed him to enter the apartment. Rachel has no better situation, and in the final episode finals she learns the shocking truth.

If the original was built around the superhero abilities Max and was full of fiction elements, then Before The Storm became more everyday and landed. Periodically, you can see the “unrealistic” episodes like the conversations of Chloe with the dead father, but they are explained by her sincere state and look appropriate. And the lack of opportunity to rewind the time and see the consequences of each decision makes the choice in the dialogs even more difficult than before. More than once you will think for a few minutes, what action is to make in one or another situation, and no one will hurry you.Life Is Strange: Before Storm Game ReviewSowdings for nice music with a change of an angle not going anywhere.

Devil in detail

The decisions are still not strongly affected by the storyline – there are no two dozen ending. But many (insignificant at first glance) actions lead to some result. Found at the very beginning of passing money can either leave on the spot, or spend then there will be a lot of opportunities. Then you listen to the album of the school security guard or ignore his suggestions, will also have consequences. Even from images on T-shirts that wears a heroine, some dialogues depend. Much can be skipped, but those who study every angle and interact with all people and objects will be rewarded and will certainly notice the difference.

The most important choice will be made in the final, and it is great that he is so closely connected with everything that happened in Before The Storm before him. This culmination of relations is not so much Rachel and Chloe, how much player and chloe. Attempts to recall the previous events, analyze the advice that other people gave, think about the consequences and decide what decision to accept and what scalle to cause damage. The community, judging by the statistics, could not find the perfect solution – at the time of writing an article every option chose 50% of users.

The final part of the last episode would not work if the developers could not fall in love with chloe players. Although the main story is devoted to both heroines, and Rachel plays a huge role in it, it is Chloe and the process of its change throughout the three chapters make the story of such a real and plausible. In the last game, we could only observe the heroine on the part, and here we see through it: all her feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is even surprising how much the player has opportunities to influence the character of the character, about the future life of which we know so much.Life Is Strange: Before Storm Game ReviewThe ability to change clothes appears in each episode.
Chloe’s ability to keep in the dialogues, achieving the desired result, is not used in the prequel as often as time rewind. In the third episode, this is practically completely forgotten and offered to take part in a mini-game only once. But this scene turned out to be one of the most tense – the fact that you need to choose the answer only in a few seconds, makes such scenes especially interesting. The essence is always the same: Having heard the opponent’s replica, the player clings for one of the words and trying to choose the right phrase to continue the conversation. Most often the right answers should be more than errors, but difficulties arise very rarely.

These moments are remembered not as much as some other episodes, like a board game in the first chapter and speeches on stage in the second. Developers are clearly with great love relate to the Universe Life Is Strange and tried to bring something completely new to the series. The experiment was a success. Praise deserve almost all other components Before The Storm: The old characters were greatly revealed (some – on the other side), new heroes fit perfectly into the story, the simplest riddles do not bother and do not seem tightened, and dialogs are much less likely than in the first part, discomfort cause discomfort.

Gorgeous and operator work – the angles are selected as successful as possible. Characters are voiced high quality, and the talent of actors distracts clumsy animations from places. Concern about the new actress in the role of Chloei turned out to be in vain – she voiced it no worse, and even better predecessors.

There is no complaints to the soundtrack – the British team of Daughter wrote several new songs specifically for the game, and if you listen to the text, it is impossible not to notice the connection of songs with what is happening on the screen. Even if the director is in a pair of moments lame and the necessary emotions from the player can not knock out, musical accompaniment comes to the rescue, which comes out for the creators all the work.Life Is Strange: Before Storm Game ReviewDrawings with a marker – the only thing that never affects.***
Many were afraid that Before The Storm It will be unnecessary with “fan fiction” and full fanvissis nonsense. And in the review of the first episode, I also expressed doubts about the abilities of anyone who is not a famous studio to do something sensible, even though the beginning of the season and filed hope. As a result, the team Deck Nine tried to fame and suggested something more than the story, the ending of which we also knew. Surely someone will be difficult to put Before The Storm in one row with the original Life Is Strange because of other developers and screenwriters, but if we did not know such details, it would hardly have anyone would notice the substitution.

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