Lineage 2 updated

Lineage 2 updated
Company Innova reported on the installation on the server of the Russian version Lineage 2 large-scale update called Freya. It is noteworthy that Russian players received an addition earlier than it appeared in Europe.

Freya – The first part of the global update that makes a huge variety of change in the game. So, new quests appeared with the participation of the Snow Queen Freya, new types of weapons (angel sword, flaming saw, the cane of power), three new sets of armor S80 and S84 “Verpes” and “Elegia”, four zones for pumping characters, and also updated alreadyExisting locations. New monsters and tasks, of course, also included.

You can get acquainted with the full list of changes on the official Russian-speaking site Freya, which is at this address.

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