Liquid sign koosta?


According to the famous for his insider Richard Lewis, Liquid intend to sign promising North American player Kenneth “koosta Cena.

Liquid’s roster at the beginning of the year was joined by one of the strongest European players, Alexander “s1mple Kostylev, who had already moved to the USA.

But even s1mple did not help the team to take a slot in one of the largest IEM Katowice tournaments. Therefore, Liquid decided to take the path of replacing one of the players with a more promising one. Such a player turned out to be Eric “Adren Hoag, who was criticized more than once after his bad LAN performances.

He will be replaced by Kenneth “koosta Sin, who first appeared on the pro scene just 7 months ago when he played for Tempo Storm. He showed his best performance while playing for the Enemy team and winning the American Minor tournament.

According to the vice president of Liquid, koosta will not be able to play for the team in the offline qualifiers for MLG, because played for Enemy in the online qualifier.

Together with koosta, Liquid’s roster looks like this:

USA Spencer “Hiko Martin
USA Nick “nitr0 Cannella
USA Jonathan “EliGE Jablonowski
Ukraine Aleksandr “s1mple Kostyliev
USA Kenneth “koosta Suen

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